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Microsoft Excel clearly dominates the spreadsheet market. Not too long ago, Lotus 1-2-3 was considered the “standard” spreadsheet. Excel now holds that distinction, with an estimated 90% market share. Sage Line100 Features & Benefits Line100 Accountant – Customer & supplier ledgers & records – Nominal ledger – Complete VAT Management – Bank – Reporting – Password/security access – Task manager – Management accounts – Credit control – Multi-company capability – Late payment charges – E-mail and Web access – Invoicing – eBanking ready (chargeable extra) – Stock – FREE Sage Informer – Microsoft Office Integration.

– Two user version available Line 50 Accountant Plus – includes all Line 50 Accountant functionality plus: – Invoicing with advanced discounting – Individual customer price lists – Multiple delivery addresses – Cheque printing – Bill of materials FREE Sage Forecasting To Top Financial Controller – includes all Line 50 Accountant Plus functionality plus: Sales & purchase order processing – Quotations & pro-forma invoices – Sales order fulfilment – ODBC Connectivity – Contact management – Record batch purchase payments Financial Controller Network – includes all Financial Controller functionlity plus.

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Multi-user capability I have use both packages before and I feel that with the easiness to read of Excel, they will find it a to easier to read and understand, which is current problem with the DOS version. These are just some of the excel features. Feature Description How to Access Error Checking Smart Tag This feature alerts users via a Smart Tag of a possible error in a cell. Users can select a command to resolve the error, ignore it, or access further Error Checking options.  Sum a column of cells, leaving out the last in the group.  Hover over the cell containing the total and view error checking options.

Function Argument Tooltips Excel displays information about function arguments as users build a new formula. The Tooltips also provide a quick path to Help. Users simply click any function or argument name within the tooltip.  Example: Type in a formula in an Excel cell such as =npv(  The tooltip appears. If you hover over a component of the formula, you can link to more help. Watch Window Users can easily track results of multiple cells even when they are working on a different sheet or workbook. This prevents users from having to switch back and forth or scroll between sheets to keep track of important data.

Select a cell to which you want to add a Watch.  Right-click that cell and select Add Watch. Formula Evaluator Users can easily evaluate the calculations that make up their formula. This function allows users to step through each calculation to understand how Excel is calculating the result.  Highlight the cell you want to evaluate. Open the Formula Auditing toolbar and click the Evaluate Formula button. Formula Auditing Toolbar This toolbar provides users with a set of tools to link to auditing features such as the Formula Evaluator and the Watch Window.

It also exposes other functionality such as toggling to display all formulas in the worksheet. Select ViewToolbars Formula Auditing Toolbar Excel Alerts Excel has improved the most common, frustrating, and confusing alerts. This includes rewording alerts to be more understandable, eliminating unnecessary alerts altogether, and adding functionality to make it easier to address the underlying problem. Alerts appear automatically. No action is required by the user Tab Colors Users can keep their workbooks organized by color-coding their worksheet tabs.

They can choose from a wide variety of colors with which to organize sections of a workbook.  Right-click the Worksheet tab.  Select the color you want to add. Range Finder The Range Finder feature is enabled when a user creates a new formula or edits an existing formula. The Range Finder gives users better visual feedback for moving and resizing the Range Finder range.  Sum a range of cells.  Move the range finder (blue box surrounding range of cells) to another selection of cells. Extended AutoSum The Extended AutoSum has more common functions added to the AutoSum tool. These include Average, Count, CountA, Max, and Min.

It also has other enhancements such as providing a path to create any function from the AutoSum user interface (UI).  On the Standard toolbar, drop down the AutoSum menu. Chart Data Labels Improved Excel charting allows users more control over the content and formatting of their chart data labels.  Highlight data in a spreadsheet and click the Charting icon.  Choose to add data labels from step 3 of the Charting Wizard. Function Wizard Users can easily search for the function they need by choosing from the list of available functions. The Function Wizard also provides users with a way to access Help on any specific function.

Select Function from the Insert menu or select the function button of the Standard toolbar. Narrow Column Tooltip Excel now displays a tooltip that identifies the contents of a cell that contains  because the column is too narrow to display the number.  Type in a large number in a narrow cell.  Hover over the cell to see the value. Find and Replace Users are provided with an enhanced user interface and functionality for the Find and Replace feature. Users can execute a single Find/Replace across all sheets in a workbook, reuse past searches, view a modeless UI, and find new elements such as formatting.

Select Find from the Edit menu  Click the Replace tab to see additional options. Printing Improved printing functionality automatically performs functions such as switching between Letter and A4 paper, autoscaling, and suppressing the printing of trailing blank pages and error values so that they don’t contain This functionality takes place automatically. Cell Merging With the Merge and Center button on the Formatting toolbar, users can unmerge a group of cells just as easily as they can merge a group of cells. It is possible to unmerge even if the Undo option is no longer available.

Merge a group of cells together by highlighting those cells and clicking the Merge and Center button.  Click the Merge and Center button again to undo the merge. Sort Text as Numbers This feature prevents unexpected sorting results by detecting mixed lists of numbers and text and enabling sorting text as numbers. Sort a column that has both numbers and numbers formatted as text. Limitation with the new system There will only be the basic limitations as with any new system. The staff are going to need to get use to the new system and therefore need a manual (which I will include with the new system).

They will however not need advanced ICT knowledge to be able to cope with the new program. It will be self-explanatory. If they encounter any problems they can refer to the trouble shooting part of the manual, which will include basic errors that could possibly go wrong with the system. Because it is windows based, it uses a high amount of graphics and memory, which means that the program is more likely to crash than the old DOS version. I will include instructions on what to do if this happens and how to save work so hat no data is lost if this ever happens.