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The focus of the research to be conducted is the significance of the ethnic orientation in relation to the occurrence and probability of being victims to cases of domestic violence. In the study and choice of the issue as the subject of the research to be conducted, one of the major concerns is the consequences of the problem. One of the major areas of consideration in the determination on the feasibility of the study to be undertaken is the concept and the knowledge that can be presented.

The basic aim of the study to be conducted is the presentation of an alternative view through the comparative study of the prevalence of the domestic violence in the United States through the focus on the different ethnic and age groups. Through the determination of the significance of the ethnicity on the cases of domestic violence, there are two notions that can be recognized. The first notion is the stratification of the population in the aim to better recognized the group within which the cases of domestic violence can be more prevalent and rampant.

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On the other hand, another notion is the commencement of the further study and research to develop the relationship between the ethnic origin and the probability of being a victim and be abused in the home. The consequences of the proposed study are essential due to the effects measured up on the basis of the different aspects of the research techniques and its application (Agurto, Ellsberg, Heise, Pena, & Wink, 2001). Aside from the research process itself, the contribution of the research to the field being studied can be considered of importance.

In the case of the domestic violence wherein the medical and social aspects exist, the contribution on both the fields are taken into consideration. It can then be surmised that the achievement of the study is a step closer to the determination and definition of domestic abuse in a relatively distinct angle (Johnson & Kishor, 2005). Although the aim of the study is to determine the significant relationship between the presented variables, it must be taken into consideration that results can bring about a negative relationship or null relationship.

This can be states that determination that the ethnic group has no significant relationship with the occurrence of domestic violence in the United States can also is an important contribution to the knowledge base in relation to the issue. The aim of the study to be able to achieve and present a certain view related to the effects of the issue on violence in the household, one notion can be surmised that is the fact that the results of the study can be an important contribution to the medical and social aspects.

It is important to consider that although the data had been studied, an essential point being considered by the presentation of an alternative view on the topic, a significant point of view on the issue (Kelly, 2004). The consequence of the problem revolves around the notion that relates the baseline information and the origin of the population with the probability of being involved in cases of domestic violence. Experimental studies related to the issue are important contributions to the information that can be distributed to the public for the prevention and empowerment (Roberts, 2002; Shipway 2004).