The development of humankind has been marked by

The development of humankind has been marked by improvements is several social structures. For instance, education levels has gone up as many are literate and levels of educational attainment have improved. Though developments in the society are marked by improvements in social systems, this is not always easy as they are characterized by new challenges that have to be dealt with before improvements into other areas can be made.

The healthcare system is one of the most important social systems as it plays a great role in ensuring the overall well-being of the social human (APA, 2000). It is quite evident that the field of healthcare and clinical medicine has been developing, on the other hand it is apparent that the challenges that face the provisions of healthcare services are increasing in complexity. DSM-IV-TR diagnosis is a coding system that has been developed to uniquely identify mental problems.

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This paper seeks to establish the history of DSM diagnosis and determine its clinical manifestation, research development in its study and make recommendations on areas that need to be improved on. The main means used in researching is available literature and research material on DSM-IV-TR. The research concludes that the operations of APA are within suspicion and so is the validity of DSM-IV-TR diagnosis for mental disorders.