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In today’s world, drugs are everywhere, some of the legal ones include; coffee, alcohol and medicine from hospitals Some illegal ones include heroin, cannabis and cocaine. People take drugs for various reasons, for example people take drugs because of curiosity, peer pressure, mental stress, guilt, enjoyment, low self-esteem, ignorance, running away from problems and idleness. Drugs interfere with the physical body, health, social, emotional being, psychological, job life of a person, spiritual and financial life of an individual. Many people have been involved in the abuse of drugs.

Abuse is where an individual has, too much of a drug and also has it too often. In the United States just like in other countries, arguments have been concerning the legalization of drugs. It has been a time of push and pull, where some people think that it essential to legalize them, and others think that legalizing them would be unethical. Doug Husak of Rutgers University in New Jersey says that legalizing drugs would lead to the careless use of drugs by young people hence leading to a declined species of young people as some will die, while others will have mental related difficulties.

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Another argument put forward is that legalizing drugs would not have a great effect on issues that regards law and making and passing of policies, therefore, there would not be any problem in legalizing it. Secondly, it is argued whether drugs will be used to defend a person in a criminal case. For example, if a person is caught having murdered, will your case be written off because you were found to be under the influence of Heroin? It is also argued that legalizing drugs would mean banning the Food and Drug Administration which looks into the safety of food and drugs.

If drugs are legalized it would mean baning FDA, because allowing it to function would be hypocritical, because it would continue to ban dangerous drugs. For example the ban of the use of Red Dye number 2 which was conceived to be causing cancer, this however will not work since the other drugs will still be existing having been legalized. Therefore what will be the need of the continual existence of FDA? The other argument is, if drugs are legalized what would happen to “Dram Shop” laws, these are laws that are used to govern the people who sell in bars.

If a bar person sells alcohol to a person, and then the drank person goes on and commits a crime,the bar person will be held responsible. The question is, if drugs are legalized will those laws still be functional and if they will not what about those laws protecting the ethics of the people. Are we then going to allow crimes to keep happening in the name of making profit and legalizing drugs? In June 2005, there was an argument whether Marijuana should be used for Chronic related cases.

In June 6, 2005, the supreme court ruled against the use of doctors using Marijuana to treat diseases like cancer. For a period of time,there has been an outcry for the government to legalize the use of Marijuana and defy the FDA’s rules, but it has not worked. However Marinol, that is found in Marijuana is being given to patients by doctors especially to those who suffer chronic pain. Recently, the anti-drug effort has held many people in the courts and charged them highly for selling drugs that are a health hazard to people.

However, legalizing drugs to the government is seen as a means of gaining more taxes.. In this endless war on drugs, Hilary Clinton, in 8th October 2008, said that once drug criminals are held and agree to stay out of drugs, they should not be held for criminal acts, however, they should be offered treatment so as to get out of their addiction. Drugs legalizations has it own pros and cons, the Unites States would benefit a s well as be affected if they would decide to legalize drugs. The advantages towards legalizing the drugs would be as follows.