The broad classification is civil and criminal law.

The first chapter primarily focuses on defining law. Law is
defined as a set of principles and rules adopted by society to maintain
acceptable behavior. Law can be classified in many ways. The most common
classification is public and private law. Public law is used by government to
govern a country or state where as private law is enforced by private
individuals or companies. Housing and employment agreements are a good example
of private law in use. Another broad classification is civil and criminal law. Criminal
law deals with crimes against the society and are enforced by the government
agencies whereas civil law deals with a broad range of laws used by government
to address crimes against private individuals.


A law is a composed order – an arrangement of guidelines, or
instructions – that gives bearings to human conduct. The whole composed
substance of a law is the “letter of the law,” and it is not much or
not as much as the sum of its words and accentuation. The letter of the law
passes on the soul of the law.

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Every single law must be in light of a legitimate concern
for the general population whose lives and conduct they look to control and
manage. Here, the law must have the capacity to fulfill the necessities of the
general population. Any law that isn’t in light of a legitimate concern for the
general population isn’t viewed as a decent law.


A sensible law should not be one that is excessively brutal
or inflexible to such an extent that it is impossibly hard to comply. Also,
sanctions related with spurning or resisting a decent law must be sensible or
should be equivalent to the gravity of the disobeyer’s deeds or activities.

This is what is implied by the statement that a good law must be sensible.


An unenforceable law can’t fit the bill to be a sensible law.

At the point when a man ridicules a law, the individual should to have the
capacity to be endorsed properly with a specific end goal to stop others from
likewise breaking it.


Every single law should be clearly communicated that the
general population becomes acquainted with it. Since obliviousness of the law
is no reason, a great law must be made known to the overall population with the
goal that people in general knows about that there is such a law in presence
and the outcomes of violating the law.


The law must not segregate. This implies the law must apply
to everyone that falls under it in an equivalent way. No one ought to be over a
law. For instance, a very rich person or a person in power should be equivalent
to a common man. An ideal law does take in into account a man’s status or
position in the public arena.


Law plays a crucial role in maintaining order in the
society. Everyone is treated by equally by law and it has no bias or prejudice.

Properly enforced law can promote equality in the society and prevent dissent.