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During the invasion of Germany of several western European countries and Japan’s aggression in Asia, the United States remained neutral. Manny assumed that the entry of the Americans into the European and Asian conflict started after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 1941. However, there were some indications that the U. S. government headed by President Franklin Roosevelt have sided with the allied forces when he signed the Lend-Lease Act on March 1940.

This act gave President Roosevelt the power β€œto sell, transfer, exchange, lend equipment to any country that is considered essential to the defense of the United States in World War II to help it defend itself against the Axis powers. ” This event showed the U. S. ‘ subtle involvement in the second world war. Before the infamous catastrophe of Pearl Harbor, the U. S. was already on the sidelines. Probably, if the Pearl Harbor attack did not materialize there is a great chance that the U. S. would still have pursued their involvement in the war.

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However, their participation would be limited. They would just a play support role to the front runners of the war such as Britain and Russia because before the Pearl Harbor attack many still thought that the ongoing war was more of a European conflict rather than an American concern. The American’s lack of interest during pre-Pearl Harbor attack was one of the factors why they did not jump in the bandwagon of waging war. Many Americans felt that the chaos happening outside the U. S. was not an enough cause for an American to sacrifice his life.

They were interested in helping but not to the extent that they would give up everything just to end a war that did not have much relevance to the American way of living. In a nutshell, the U. S. would have entered World War II even if the Pearl Harbor did not transpire because they were already involved in helping allied countries prior to this event. However, their participation would not be on a grand scale but more of a supplementary force.


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