The in England, and spread to the rest

The Industrial Revolution has had a major and lasting effect on our world today.  Almost every aspect of our lives has been influenced by the Industrial Revolution.  Before the revolution, society revolved around farming and agriculture.  They were the main sources for food and money.  There were only two social classes, and they were the nobility and the working class.  All of these aspects began to change, and it started changing people’s lives dramatically.  The change from the agriculture to the industry was vast.  It all began in England, and spread to the rest of the world.  The Industrial Revolution has shaped our modern society from an economical, social, and governmental standpoint. There were many innovations during the Industrial Revolution era. Industrialization was one of the biggest changes that  people went through which has had a huge effect on economic and social conditions. Manual labor was no longer needed because machinery replaced people. They were capable of doing the same task in half the time people could do.  The need for workers to operate the machines increased and provided for several job opportunities for almost everyone, young and old. New and faster production methods brought changes in the labor market which we still use today. The product was made faster with better quality of work and at a reduced cost.. This is why today we have the option of shopping for everything we need in a supermarket. Everything there is mass produced in factories that were introduced during the Industrial Revolution. Urbanization was occuring as a result of the Industrial Revolution. It is the movement of people to city areas.  Urbanization also contributed to economic and social effects on our modern world.  It was happening on a large scale during this period because of the demand for workers in the cities to run the factories. The Enclosure Movement also forced farmers to move to the cities to find new jobs. When they got to the cities and found work, they were shocked by the difference in lives between the business owners and the workers, and class tensions grew. The working poor (including women and children)  were working and living in unsanitary conditions, and worked very long hours everyday.  Labor unions were formed during this time, and still exist today. Eventually the laborers won higher wages, shorter hours, and better working conditions. Unions speak for all the workers in a particular trade. Several of unions in the United States joined together to form the American Federation of Labor (AFL) which currently is merged with the Congress of Industrial Organizations to form the AFL-CIO, the largest federation of unions in the United States.  Laws were also passed to protect child workers in the United States. Child labor was banned, and maximum working hours were set. There are several organizations today  that are still working to end child labor all over the world. The industrial revolution affects our society today from a governmental standpoint because it led to more  political reforms. There are several modern social welfare programs that developed during this period of reform.  During the Industrial Revolution, there was still a big difference between the wealthy and poor. Business leaders did not want government involved, while reformers felt that government needed to help improve conditions for the poor. Laissez faire economics did not believe government should be involved. Capitalism believers felt the same way. Socialism rose because these believers felt capitalism led to problems. Socialism stated that the factors of production are owned by the public and operate for everyone’s welfare. Several political candidates still run on a platform with socialism ideas. Reform movements grew because of the negative impacts of industrialization. Slavery ended and more rights were granted to women. These reform movements have definitely helped shaped the society we live in today. Democracy grew in industrialized nations, and we, Americans, are living proof of that because we live in a democratic nation. The Industrial Revolution was an important part of history and has impacted so much of our modern day. The major effects were economically, socially, and governmentally.  All of the advancements in transportation, economy, trade, and politics stem from the effects of the Industrial Revolution. It made the world more efficient.  It brought many powerful changes that continued for generations.  Electricity was invented during the Industrial Revolution, and we rely on it to run our modern day world. It lead to many inventions that changed the world in some way, shape or form.  Without the Industrial Revolution, we probably would not have all the luxuries we have today, and the world would be an extremely different place.