In When the opposing arguments mentioned that school

In light of both arguments, a greater point is given to the opposition side regarding the matter of uniforms in public schools. The arguments against the use of school uniforms have presented ideas that are more inclined with the contemporary perspective. This means, that barriers are ideal to be broken than to be raised between inter-school relations. School uniforms may be claimed to lift the school pride, but is also stands as a label. This may become a problem when there are negative implications involved.

Furthermore, in this day and age, individuality is given priority. When the opposing arguments mentioned that school uniforms have a way of limiting a student’s freedom to express one’s self, then that student becomes a copy of a group instead of being his or her true self. Before, being different is almost the same as practicing witchcraft. It is taboo. But now, being different is the trend a lot of industries adapt, as every one asks the question “Why? ” It is important that each person is able to attain their education without any form of hindrance or discomfort.

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It is also their right to receive this education, despite challenges in their economic and social statuses. Uniforms, although it has its certain benefits, does not attest to how students could be better educated, which is the primary purpose of attending school.


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