The away from objectification and towards reassuring


The discussion or debate on
self- embodiment is also a valuable
aspect to how women treat
themselves due to the culture we create in our magazines. I believe as a result of that, women base their ability and sexuality on confirmation
from men, wrongly making women think they are sexually enabled when in reality they are still just agreeing to the stereotypes and images that have been fascinated upon them. This shows the hazard
in letting
society as a whole rely
on that, materializing women is natural. Sexual objectification creates a culture in which women are treated like an asset, and are instructed to treat
themselves in that way also. This is troubling

 to our society as a whole, a problem that can
only be solved through female empowerment, respect, and education. The answer is to move
away from objectification and towards reassuring
women and
men even, to be their own sexual subjects. Let’s
as a whole strengthen the identities of women today, and create a
safer space for all genders and sexualities.

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I feel
like during my childhood, the Internet and social media
platforms such as Facebook and Myspace were barely being popularized. Instead of media, we looked more towards movies as
our source of inspiration. Nowadays, in conjunction to
Facebook, there is YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and countless other
media outlets anyone can get their hands on. The willing
will post on their
social media but it is not always suitable for
young children to look up to and base their opinions only
on what they see is trending or what is
popular on the Internet.  What is being acknowledged through
the media is in no way real. Photoshop, picture editing software and plastic
surgery is advanced to the point that even the women portrayed do not look like
that in reality. 


Women today need to realize
that a woman’s worth is not based on the expectations set by the media and
those around her. This also does not give off a good idea to men
who see celebritites women being perceived
a specific way and expect to only be appealled
to women
who look similar to those in the media(e.g. Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian). They
set unrealistic expectations
that are higher than what can be actually be met in reality. Those
types of thoughts lead men to take advantage of women for their bodies and lose
the focus on bigger and better qualities such as personality. Some women will
go through life trying to please the expectations of men, not knowing that what
they are asking for is not real and not easily found.