The next. The Present oil production takes place

The top production procedure of Moroccan Argan oil

On the Internet a hot discussion about the production procedure Moroccan Argan. The majority of people states that the production method of Argan oil is the best.

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•             The traditional method of Argan oil extraction

The traditional method extraction is appropriate to bring fine, high-quality of oils. It is based on simple skills of Moroccans, who keep passing on their knowledge and technique from generation to the next. The Present oil production takes place under rather bad food- circumstances. The extraction needs water, but instead of using only small amounts of it, as necessary, more water is usually added, resulting in changes of the oil’s composition.

•             The semi-industrial production of Argan oil

Semi-industrial production Means that the Argan grinned with an electric respectively hydraulic oil press instead.

So as to avoid pollution of the Argan oil, the oil presses made of stainless steel. The advantages of the using  this kind is the use of water becomes unnecessary, increase the quantity of Argan oil

There is always the slope to use technology to receive higher yields, Argan oil is usually exposed to high pressing temperatures. As result of this, fatty acids change their structure which as a matter of fact can definitely not be the oil press inventors’ intention.

•             The process of Argan oil extraction

If the Argan oil is produced simply manually or automatically – in the end, only the corporate culture matters. Quality conscious companies are able to extract Argan oil by using any kind to produce valuable oil.

Some study in 2007 concludes: The production criteria examined  all have an immense impact on the quality of Argan oils.” The original text says “Les critères de production étudiés (Procédé, Torréfaction, Région) n’ont pas d’effet significatif sur la qualité des huiles d’Argane.” The study titled: “ETUDE DE QUALITÉ DES HUILES D’ARGANE AU MAROC”

•             Chemical extraction of Argan oil

Concerning this kind of procedure, the almonds are first pulverized and then suspended in solvents. Then, the chemicals are vaporized the chemicals are vaporized. What remains is an Argan oil still containing slight spurs of the used solvents. To avoid any oxidation of the fatty acid, antioxidants, especially tocopherols and ascorbyl palmitate may also be added to the oil.Thanks to this method argan oil easily recognized by its hay yellow color.

•             Refining  the Argan oil

Argan oils usually refined following their extraction. Behind the Term of refinement there lies a big series of chemo-technical simple procedures in order to achieve the main goal not losing the quality argan oil, bright and taste-neutral Argan oil.

It is worth admiring, the different possibilities are nowadays available to the food technology so as to produce pure Argan oil into an unhealthy and completely denatured fat product.