“The rusty keys. It gives the assassin more

“The Assassin” He waits, prowling, in the gloomy room. The house is deserted apart from rodents scuttling along the grimy skirting boards. A tarnished car passes the house yet he is focused on one thing, the accommodation across the street. The street is watery. The strong rain assaulting down like machine guns. This does not disconcert him as he raises his handgun looking at the apartment again. The apartment is vivid in bright daylight. However due to the rain it becomes dull in colour. A car parked in the drive.

It is covered by leaves due to the tree above. The grass is soggy and soft. It is impossible to walk on. The buildings neighbouring the apartment are also dark. They seem abandoned. The assassin becomes attracted to the burgundy car. It propels up the drive passing the other car and stopping. The bumper on the car seems to be destroyed as it bashes the floor as the car travels along. The elderly man dressed elegantly in a suit holds a tattered newspaper above his head to avoid the rain. However the assassin has his fingers on the gun.

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The assassin delays his shot as he is aware that his victim has to get his briefcase from the backseat. The man opens the door and takes it beneath his arm. He starts running towards the front door trying to get his keys out at the same time. He drops his rusty keys. It gives the assassin more time to get everything perfect. Now is the time! The assassin pulls the trigger without a sound apart from a bird ahead chirping loud sounds. The man lies on the floor in a puddle of his blood which becomes watery due to the rain falling onto him.

He collects his gear making sure there is no trace of him. He removes the cigarettes from the ashtray. He places everything into a brown bag that he carries downstairs. He leaves the house as it was like before. The assassin checks for cars along the road. It has been unused for a while. He crosses the street being careful not to tread in the muddy puddles that will leave his footprints. He walks slowly and seems unflustered by the events. He strolls to his car parked several blocks away.