The my parents and I couldn’t afford to

The importance of a college education is something that I hold value most at a young age. Both my parents and grandparents didn’t have the opportunity to go to college. Seeing my parents and grandparents struggles have motivated me to get a college degree. My parents were committed to help me obtain a college degree and plan towards my future to better my opportunities to make a good living for myself and my family. They are trying everything against their will to help me acquire a college degree. There love and passion have motivated me to further on my education. Because with the support and the devotion of my parents, I was able to challenge myself academically and look towards a higher education. Even though my parents and I couldn’t afford to help pay for my college education, it was highly demanded that I go especially for a brighter future. My love for achieving a higher education had help me motivate myself in school and helping the community. As a senior at South Salem High School in Salem Oregon I have taken many rigorous IB classes and contributed in many activities. Over the course of high school, I have taken all manufacturing classes including woods and metals. The experience and love for construction had help me gain experience in the field I wish to pursue in. In addition, I have taken five different science class which is highly expected of me especially in the engineering field. Beside achieving my goal towards a college degree I have helped and involve in many activities outside of school.   Furthermore, I have been very involved in the community outside of the classroom. I was actively involved with One Thousand Soles. One Thousand Soles is a private organization helping needy families who need shoes in the Salem keizer area. In addition, I have also helped tutor fifth grade students at Lee Elementary. I was determine to give back to the community for so much it have help given me. Most of my volunteering hours are spent at Lee including coaching the fifth grade coed track team and working in the library.My parents have gave up many things for me to help me get a college degree. They value a strong education for me especially as a first generation to go to college. With both my parents and myself, we both vision for me too grasp on the opportunity to go to college, with a help of financial assistance. Accepting this scholarship will help me academically, mentally, socially, and provide a positive self image for myself. This scholarship will also help me further towards my educations and my career of a civil engineer. I will have the experience, skills, and knowledge required of me in the work field. Five years from now I see myself employed at a large local firm, designing, operating, and maintaining infrastructures in the metro Portland area. If chosen for this scholarship, I will continue my perseverance towards my college degree and my career. I will be granted an opportunity to further my education, help my family in there financial deficit, and a brighter future in the construction industry.