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The Fingerprint reader is a type of system in which is made of some ridges and valleys upon the surface of a finger that is unique to each person. According to Laura Raab; there are two different ways of reading a fingerprint. “Ridges are the upper skin layer segments of the finger and valleys are the lower segments.” (Raab, 2015). The ridges device is a type of form in which have two particular points; the ridge ending where the raw data would end the range and the ridges junction in which the varieties would split the raw data into two.


The uniqueness of a fingerprint would contain the strong-minded by the different type of arrangement within the ridges and gather all of the minutiae points of user identification.  There have been five different type of basics pattern in which can build up a fingerprint device. The arch is a system in the fingerprint reader in which are being used as a tented and plain arch that would cover up to 5% of the fingerprint ID. Secondly, the right and left of the loop would cover at least 60% of the fingerprint ID of a user within the Biometric security system, as the whorl would cover up to 34% and the accidental coils would cover 1% within the fingerprint ID system. The capture within the surface of the fingerprint device is for verifying the identification of a user, and the latest technologies in which has been designed with a tool before-mentioned as; the optical and the ultrasound. (Le, 2011)

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There have been two different type of processes in which has been used within the Biometric security system to recognise the fingerprint in detail to match the user and the patterns of corresponding within the device. The minutiae matching would compare all of the aspects of the fingerprint to the user by their location. As on the other hand, the pattern matching would connect the different type of surface with the fingerprint. The system within the Fingerprint is being used and relate to demand low-cost equipment with a lower power consumption within the Biometric security system. The main disadvantage of a fingerprint reader is that if the system were damaged, the system wouldn’t be able to read any of information in which a user would provide. The fingerprint security system is being used extensively with the different type of application such as; phones device, as smart locks and other home automation devices. The security device would also have used within the judicial system and home security applications for authorised users to gain access to their personal used. (Raab, 2015)