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‘The Bear’ and the ‘The Heavy Bear who Goes with Me’ are two very similar poems. While the way they discuss topics may be different to each other, and their structure are different, they ask similar questions and use imagery and other techniques to assert that message.Firstly, is the similarity of the piece regarding the meaning of each of the poems, both poems give a philosophical argument about the nature of humans in relation to bears. The first poem does this by describing the nature of a bear, as shown with “The bear puts both arms around the tree above her, And draws it down as if it were a lover” which is shown to be a description of the bear itself, leading into the second half of the poem, where a shift into the nature of humanity contrasts with the bear “The world has room to make a bear feel free; The universe seems cramped to you and me. Man acts more like the poor bear in a cage, that all day fights a nervous inward rage”. This shows that the poet wanted to show a difference between humans and the bear by comparing a bear to humans.  The second poem however, gives an argument on the duality of humans and the similarity of humans being like a bear, using bears as a representation of the nature of humans, for example “Breathing at my side, that heavy animal, That heavy bear who sleeps with me” From that we can conclude that the bear is a part of the person represented in the poem. This continues throughout the entire poem, with the duality being used throughout, in relation to the actions of the person using terms normally used for a bear.The techniques used in both poems are used differently for the same effect of representing being bear-like.  The Rhyme structure in the first poem is ABAB structure, with consistent rhyme through the stanza and the entire poem. The second poem uses a different structure, which is irregular, and there are no patterns in the structure of the poem. Also, a difference is a way both poems use different stanzas, with the first poem using a more traditional pattern, while the second poem only follows the traditional rules loosely, and the positioning of the stanzas is verse paragraph.  The first poem uses the traditional technique to show the difference between a bear and a human. The second poem uses this technique to convey the structure of being lumbering, like a bear.The use of metaphors and similes in both poems are used, but for different effect, the first poem uses similes, for example “Man acts more like the poor bear in a cage” This is showing the similarity of man acting like the bear, but being trapped in a cage. There are also metaphors, such as “The bear puts both arms around the tree above her” this is a metaphor of the bear putting its arms around the tree, personifying the bear doing something a human would also do. In the second poem similes are also used, for example a simile would be “The hungry beating brutish one” It describes a hungry brutish bear. In conclusion, the two poems use many different techniques on representation of bears or being bear like. These range from the style the poems are written in, the meaning of the poems in relation to being bear like, the use of imagery and similes to represent bears.