The discontent of farmers and small business

The Populist Party started to grow in the late nineteenth century because a lot of people were by their side. People agreed with that they wanted to achieve and what they were fighting for. In 1891, the Populist Party was viewed as a political party representing the discontent of farmers and small business owners.  At first, the Populist Party was known as the Farmer’s Alliance. It was created in 1876 in Texas ; their goal was to end the crop-lien system. This system basically developed the growth of cotton crops in the south and leaned on sharecroppers and tenants farmers, meaning they did not own their land. These people worked with seeds, tools and supplies they purchased using loans so they could grow the cotton and after the harvest and collection of the cotton was done, the workers were expected to pay back the loans in the form of cotton crops. Things got bad when the price for cotton started going down so the workers were left with nothing after the crops were collected by the creditors. The Farmers Alliance was fighting for a fair pay basically, they were tired of doing everything so someone else could have their money when they literally did everything themselves and are left with nothing after the collection of the crops. The price drops for crops were not to blame on the workers but yet they were still being treated like if it was.  The Farmers alliance also absorbed The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, founded in 1868 in New York. Together, they advocated and fought for the nation’s agrarian workers and rural communities. The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, was created after the Panic of 1873, a financial crisis that resulted in bankruptcy of several railroads throughout the nation, which left people with depressed wages and low prices on crops.  The campaign of 1896 is very important besucase it’s the year the Populist decide to support the democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan. Because of the the Populist decision to support Bryan, the party was absorbed by the Democratic Party and became one. The Populist started to vanish in 1908 and transformed itself into the Progressice movement. This movement would still achieve the same goals and help the same causes the Populist supported. This movement would fight for anti-trust legislation, greater federal regulation of private industry and a stronger support system for the nations agricultural and working classes.