The individual style, the way of packaging the

The dress that influenced
me to fall in love with fashion was an Alexander McQueen gown. It was a silk organza
dress constructed almost entirely out of fresh
flowers that fell to the floor as the model walked down the runway. The first time I saw it, it actually
took my breath away. The Sarabande dress was once showcased at the Met Museum, so
others can be as moved by its pure, fragile artistry as I was. It was 2009 when
I first saw it, and soon after, I began to immerse myself into the glamorous worlds
of fashion. I wanted to pursue my career as a fashion designer as soon as I
laid my eyes on it. Fashion is a very big part of my life. It’s the ultimate
artistic expression of individual style, the way of packaging the body and
representing your inner and outer self. Each and every day, I was able to communicate
and articulate myself through the way I dress. It allowed me to bring out my
unique personality, to be different, someone I couldn’t have been without the
circumstances that clothes allowed me to express my own individuality. If I
could combine these two areas together as done in BA Fashion Design, I would be
able to pursue a career that I love: the art of fashion and the opportunity to
design clothes in the fashion industry.