The receiving feedback about the content. A plan

The design of a page is important because the user of the
website will need to be able to manoeuvre the website easily. If a website is
harder to use, it won’t be as popular, so a good design of the page consists of
many factors to allow movement with ease. Things that should be considered when
designing the website include a navigation bar and the content of the actual
page, among other various things.

The content is important because a religion website, for
example, will need to contain information about the religion, but may not need
to include scientific knowledge because it would be completely unrelated and
therefore irrelevant to the original purpose of the website. This can be
applied to most websites and when the plan for the content is designed, they
need to choose topics that are important, and some that aren’t as important but
not irrelevant. They can improve it by showing it to someone who isn’t
connected to the project, and receiving feedback about the content.

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A plan for content is important because a website will need
plenty of information, and it would be hard to keep track of the information on
the website without a plan. Not having a plan could lead to the website
duplicating information, or not including key factors. A good idea for a plan
of content, is to split it into sections and work from that outwards.

A navigation bar on a website is important because it
allows users to change from one page to another with ease, which is important
on many websites which contain more than one page of information. Some
navigation bars are found on the sides or the bottom of the page, but generally
it is better to have it at the top so that users can find it easier. Many
navigation bars contain a button which can send the user back to the homepage.
In the image below, on the Amazon website, they use the Amazon logo to redirect
the user to the home page through internal hyperlinking. The font needs to be
readable on websites for users of all ages, so basic ones like ‘Calibri’ on
Microsoft Office would be appropriate, while ‘Brush Script MT’ wouldn’t be

A title is important on websites, more so now computers and
the internet have advanced enough that there are millions of websites
available. They are important because if two websites share a similar name, the
users will want to know that they are on the correct website. Generally it is
better to keep the title at the top of the page, or somewhere where the user
can always see it. The need for this has changed slightly with the introduction
of Google, which allows a user to search by keywords as well as names, to
provide more clarity within a search, however, it is still necessary to have
the name of the website somewhere where it can be seen easily by users. is an example of a
website which contains a navigation bar at the top of the page, which gives the
options for users to ‘shop by department’; ‘sign in’; ‘try prime’ and view the
basket, among other things, as well as allowing the user to search for individual
products, or view the products through the advertisements in the middle, which
contains information about products. Figure 5 shows this.