Tenis made out of solid wood with webbing

Tenis is a very popular sport today and is recognized around the world. The sport of tennis has evolved throughout the years and its history is thought to date back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. The word tennis derives from a town in Egypt called Tinnis and the word racquet comes from an Arabic term “rahat” meaning “palm of the hand”. The earliest account of the practice of tennis is found in drawings in Egyptian temples built over 3000 years ago. This game was most creditably accounted to be played by French monks in the eleventh or twelfth century. The game as called, jeu de paume by the French translating to ‘game of the hand” was played in a courtyard with a rope hung acting as a net. Originally, tennis was played using the player’s bare hand to hit a ball against walls and over a rope in order to score points. As this game gained popularity more courts were made some being indoors. In 1100 B.C gloves made with webbing found in-between the fingers were introduced in the sport of tennis substituting the use of bare hands which increased the players comfort. In 1500 a racket made out of wood with sheep’s gut used as netting was invented expressing the first accounted design of a modern tennis racket. Before a racket was strung, a wooden paddle eas used then later in 1874 a racket made out of solid wood with webbing attached to the center of the frame was created in London by Major Walter C. Wingfield, this racket design is essentially the one we still use today. In 1947 the first racket made out of laminated wood was sold followed by ones made out of steel in 1968, aluminum in 1975 and graphite in 1980. In 1983, the now well known company Wilson introduced the classic Pro Staff, a tennis racket with immense power which was the top pick for tennis players around the world.    The ball that was first used in tennis was a bundle of cloth, hair, wool, leather or string. In the eighteenth century, a cork core was used in tennis balls with wool wound around the core. The first time rubber was used in the making of tennis balls was in in 1870 in Germany. As more and more improvements were being made to tennis balls, materials like flannel and felt were being used in the exterior of the ball and air filled balls were being created like the ones we use today. Historically black and white colored tennis balls would be used based on the color of the court being played on but in 1972, yellow colored tennis balls were used so they would be more visible to television viewers watching the sport. The fuzzy yellow surface on modern tennis balls is meant to regulate the ball’s bounces and slow down it’s speed in the air which is why it started to be used. Before 1968 only amateurs were allowed to play in tennis tournaments including the four Grand Slams. One of the earliest known professional tennis competitions was the U.S Pro Tennis Championships, one of the three Pro Slams between 1927 and 1999 where the top tennis players would compete. Women during the time tennis was becoming popular were not accepted in the sport and did not pursue a professional career in tennis until 1973 when a women named Billie Jean King, a former world professional tennis champion created the Women’s Tennis Association. Currently there are many legendary male and female tennis players including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Venus Williams and Serena Williams. Tennis is now one of the top watched and played sports around the world today. Tennis is featured in the Olympics due to its popularity and many athletes participate in widely watched events like the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and U.S Open. Tennis is taught in schools, played by people of many different ages and is one of the most recognized sports today. Tennis has grown so much from the time it began in ancient Egypt to the present day.