Technology factors are of equal importance. A

Technology factors involve searching out new ideas for program developments. The budget is limited to a total of $50,000 for both programs for equipment purchases. The company needs to consider new models and practices to incorporate the best possible match for this program. The six internal factors are of equal importance. A clearly defined mission and philosophy should resonate throughout the organization. Every position within the company must have the same philosophy, the same mission. Strategic goals, long term goals, and planning within the program that intertwines with the development of the company without losing sight of the mission is essential.

Creating a periodic review of the program and the programs technology ensures the company is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. The company will offer an appraisal system mentioned later in this report. The human resources and financial resources are the most important part of this program. Many laws and regulations exists that can cause the company thousands of dollars in penalties if violated. Human resource department is responsible for hiring, firing, recruiting, retaining, and day-to-day operations often including the finances.

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When the company takes these considerations into account and begins to organize the program it is essential to determine how many employers this company must hire to meet the demands. The current budget permits for one administrative position, one training supervisor, one, administrative coordinator, three administrative personnel, and 10 trainers. Appendix A shows the amount of funding that each position will receive. The company will provide an annual appraisal for each employee. Appendix B is a copy of the ABC appraisal system this company will use to ensure happier employees.

Each of these positions requires very unique skills. Before hiring anyone the board of directors along with employees from the current program will draft a set of qualifications and requirements for each position. Because a similar program already exists within this company for other adult community members, this step will use many of the same job descriptions and policies as the current adult program with minor adjustments. Once the job descriptions and qualifications are definite, the interview selection process can begin. The budget time frame for the hiring of staff is six months.

The company is on a limited budget and understands recruiting and retaining of staff may prove difficult however; with the constant positive reinforcements and the flexible work schedule the organization should have no problems. The programs organizational structure begins with a clear line of command between employees of every level. Organizational structure is a system of relationships within the company that clearly and precisely aim to reduce error, increase communication, and provide motivation. A company’s organizational structure is the backbone of the company. Creating an organizational structure system establishes responsibility, accountability and sets clear lines of communication (Organizational Structure, 2004).

Appendix C shows how the company’s organizational structure and line of command currently proposed. The executive director is responsible for communication between the administrative coordinator and the training supervisor and so on down to the trainers and the administrative staff. The administrative staff is responsible for ensuring all trainers receive appropriate memos, benefits, reviews, and complaints.

Communication is the key to optimal function. Weekly meetings will take place between the executive director, the administrative coordinator, and the training supervisor. The supervisors will have weekly meeting on a rotating schedule to make sure the staff is abiding by the policies and address any areas of concern before the issue becomes a problem. Alliance for Excellent Education. (2009). High School dropouts in America. Retrieved from http://Creating the organizational structure sets clear lines of communication