Technology be responsible for the use of technology.

            Technology has already conquered different aspects of
our lives. As it gets more advance each time, it becomes more and more helpful
to us. Technology is very efficient for everyone, for it should make our lives
easier but instead with the excessive use of it can barely lose focus and it
can also make our lives harder. Moreover, it does a lot of things such as
reducing and speeding up what we need to do for time management so that we will
have more time to do other tasks. On the other hand, we should not depend on it
completely for there are also disadvantages at hand. The benefits it gives us
are of worthy but if we took advantage of it then it will only take everything
away from us.


one of the users, we must be responsible for the use of technology. We do not
know what will happen if we use it so much, so we should not abuse it. With the
excessive use of technology can lead to addiction. Hence, we should know our
limitations for us to avoid addiction and for the sake of abusing it. We should
be responsible enough to discipline ourselves especially in managing our own
time. If most of us took advantage of technology then it will lessen one’s development as an individual. It should be balanced
when we use it, because our time will be divided. Thus we spend more time
playing than studying. Our focus in doing our task is gone because of the other
things we do. For example, we use the internet for social Medias instead of
researching our assignments. So we should learn not only how to use them but
how can we control ourselves when we are using it.

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technology is very handy for this generation so we should not be too dependent
in using it. Yes, technology can be very helpful and addictive but taking
advantage of it is not the answer. Sometimes technology can destroy one’s identity and can prevent a person from socializing
with other people. As for education, even though it makes our school works
easier sometimes we are no longer checking if the source is reliable or not. Do
not forget that you can ask for help to your parents or friends to help you if
you do not understand the school works. In the end, we must practice ourselves
not to rely all entirely on the technology because not all the time you get the
benefit of it.


one’s responsibilities and priorities is very helpful in
avoiding too much use of technology. Instead of playing games that only
satisfies your needs, why don’t you use that time in reading and socializing with
your friends? It should be an easy way to develop your personality and your
mental health development. We should know when to use these technologies
appropriately because we have our own limitations. Everything has its own limitations, so if it’s abuse then it could lead to a bad effect that could
destroy everything. Especially that technology has everyone’s identity, it should be clear enough for those who
use it because it is not entirely reliable.