In of areas. But it is unfortunate that

In this paper I plan to provide a context of assessing the significance of teaching factor in pre-school learning. I realize that young children have disposition to develop in a wide array of areas. But it is unfortunate that teachers may not be able to set them up to successfully develop their potential.

In this connection I wish to stress that for me teaching philosophy my teaching techniques, communication skills and motivational skill are very crucial in teaching and learning of the pre-school children. With the above variables I believe there is need to incorporate the use of technology in instructions to be able to bring out the best out of the pre-school children.

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To be able to make classes interesting for children and to capture their attention during lessons, I will employ instructional techniques. Some of these techniques include the use of discovery learning, use of inquiries, incorporating dramatic play in some lessons, incorporating music and moving activities during lessons among others.

I will always carry out an extensive research to make sure that they are educationally sound and that they correspond to the multiple dimensions of learning. This will make learners have the voice I desire as well as making them able to use it in a respectful manner.

It is not an easy task to bring out success in a child if as a teacher I do not like my work. This therefore demands that I should make my careers interesting by experimenting and exploring how technology can fit in instructional approach in supporting learning.

Previous researches indicate that very young children are capable of excess of cognitive, emotional, social and physical activities. Therefore must be able to expose children to all the modalities of learning so that they can discover what they are good at and where their interests fall. However I strongly believe that children should be exposed to areas they like most as well as those they find very challenging.

While dealing with children, I have come to appreciate the fact that to be able to direct them to attain desired goals, I must first of all be aware of their proximal development and how it relates to their zone of advanced development.

With this knowledge, I will be capable of directing the child’s efforts to assess his or her current understanding and the potential for extended learning. I will also be able to make quality and informed decisions about the children. This will me to pair them for projects and play according to their areas of interest and be sure to have realistic expectation for every child.

As a teacher I strongly believe that there is need to have a teaching philosophy. This will provide me with the necessary knowledge to provide the children with desired activities that incorporate innovations that children can relate with. With this knowledge I will also be in a position of helping children understand the relevance between the activities and the world’s reality.

These experiences by pre-school child should challenge him or her to think independently in solving problems, making decision and thinking critically. This ultimately makes students to have a sense of pride in themselves and their community. There is no doubt that my role in the growth and development of a pre-school child is paramount. I am entitled to prepare and organize the child’s environment to allow the child to actively engage and relate with each other.