SWOT and asset price bubbles. The majority

SWOT AnalysisStrengthsMyanmar is a large market share they have the population of about 58millions. It is territory adjacent to China, India, Bangladesh, Laos, and Thailand. It is in the midst of ASEAN and South East Asia. It has the advantage to connect of being in contact with trade and transportation. We can use the strength of Myanmar as a gateway to South Asia as well. such as forests, oil, natural gas, gems, minerals and marine resources. as well as suitable terrain and climates for the cultivation of agricultural crops. It makes Myanmar have the advantage of production factors.Myanmar have many workers and low wages. It is suitable for investment in Myanmar used as a base to produce the product for export to other countries.WeaknessesMyanmar still Lack the basic infrastructure such as electricity, telecommunications, and transportation. In addition to insufficient domestic demand and support for future growth. This is a constraint to expand the investment. And affect to the cost of operation. Nowadays Myanmar is in the process of developing the domestic financial system. This is still having a problem with exchange rates, inflation, and asset price bubbles. The majority of Myanmar’s income is not high. Have a low purchasing power. Consumers will consider the price more than the quality. Minority issues along the border. There are also inter-governmental engagements that may affect security along the border.OpportunityThe government of Myanmar has a policy for the open country. Measures to promote investment and liberalization of investment. Many countries are interested in trading and investment. Myanmar have a large population. It is a marketing opportunity for consumer goods. Myanmar is undergoing infrastructure development. The economy has continued to grow. There is a great deal of demand for the construction industry, materials, and related businesses. There is little Low competition for investment from the West country and others. It’s Good for investment and dominates the market in advance. There are the beautiful country and culture. Myanmar have many ranges of beautiful place and culture. It is an opportunity for tourism and hospitality business for invest.THREATSAlthough Myanmar is reforming the country to create an environment conducive to trade and investment, they are close, the country has a long time and lack of funds for development of the country. Cause Myanmar still lack of public utilities and water supply etc. Should be study carefully because there are cost of doing business. Political problems there is political uncertainty. Trade regulations change frequently. The military also plays a role in parliament some businesses also have military-owned groups. The conflict between the Myanmar government and the minorities people that expand in many areas may affect trade and investment. In Myanmar, there is a lot of product competition from China and India, which borders Myanmar. Trade barriers such as restrictions on the import of goods.