Students their children to be able to study.

Students today believe that good grades bring them to success. Grades are the only objective for them to have a brighter future. To define grade consciousness, it is always a student who striving to excel in class, who get depressed when getting low scores and who really invest much time in studying. Grade conscious students tend to ask for everyone score and compare it, and will disappointed when their scores are lower than others. They set high standards on themselves having a thought that grades measure their success or failure. One of the most factors that students leads to become a grade conscious is that the value of education is really matters to any parent. That’s why they will do everything for their children to be able to study. They really push them or motivate them to focus only in studying. Parents want the best for the children to the point that every students are very conscious about their grades that leads on annoyance to others. Normally, students who centered in studying will have no time for themselves and for the others. From full schedule like doing homework, attending trainings and reviewing notes, they have no time to get fun. And having not to get a chance to hang out with their friends and family, they felt alone and empty. Well it’s not about the grades it is about what you have learned. Students who are conscious about their grades only focus on it and not on the things need to be learned. Some are not that wise like with average mindset. For them to have a high grades, they just more on to memorization. They will memorize there whole notes or lessons, and even the unnecessary one and  after the examination they will just forget everything . It is because they only memorized it and not to try to study it for them to understand. How can students learn as they just focusing themselves on grades? Grades is just numbers on class card, a numbers that you really can’t for the future and if they will seek a job. None of the company will hire a new graduates who only memorize everything. The will accept a employees who learned and understand what they need to know and apply. Every students should not let grades define themselves. Goods grades do not mean everything. What really matters is that experience in life and learning from mistakes. Know to face everyday circumstances, how to interact with your schoolmates and others and know to handle situations by solving its problem. After all, learning is essential. It helps to achieve things. Every students needs knowledge not high grades to know things and to succeed. Grades are not made for you to strive the hardest, it is not your basis. Learn in your own way.