“Strive that I have achieved in my academic

“Strive for the best” being, my motto I aspire to sharpen my knowledge till the boundaries and make it more extremely interesting. Academics to me are more than a career. It is a way of life that holds the spirit of inquiry and furtherance of scientific knowledge as the most sacred objectives of life. This has served as the propelling force behind all that I have achieved in my academic career.

During my school days, I developed a penchant for Mathematics and Sciences, a bent for problem solving and a desire to know more. The quality of not being convinced by a fact or a statement unless and until I get to the most important decisive of it has helped me attain a strong hold on the fundamentals in the core subjects of Electronics and Communication from Amity University. It is from this inherent inquisitiveness, that I draw inspiration to imbibe the true spirit of energy by being a member of BHEL which laid a strong base for my research motive.

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During my engineering course, I have realized that Electronics and Communication Engineering course is an unending ocean of knowledge covering wide areas of interests. This course has offered me subjects like Embedded systems, Analog electronics, VLSI, Telecommunications, Radar and Satellite communication, Microprocessor systems, Microwave engineering, Digital Image Processing, C/C++, Java, Operating Systems, Data Communication network … to name a few.

In my eighth semester I have done a project in embedded systems domain. My project was “Audible walking stick for visually impaired person”. This project focused on an innovative stick that is specially designed for blind, which allows them to navigate easily using advanced technology. This stick is integrated with ultrasonic sensors along with ISD1820 voice module. It is designed using an 8-bit microcontroller (ATMEGA16-16PU) with on-chip ADC.

As I review my educational experience, I realize that the Bachelor of Technology degree that I have taken, gave me a broad basis of education for an Engineering career. I would like to supplement this with a Master’s Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering and continue with my education beyond masters, which will broaden and deepen my methodological skills and improve my ability to apply these methodologies to a wide range of operational problems.

Working with technology is a gift to all those who have an untiring zeal for research. It provides all the knowledge-freaks, a wide scope for new innovations and inventions. And so I believe that I have made no mistake in opting electrical and computer science for graduation. Hard work, Strong Determination, Zeal and Gigantic knowledge in equal and great measures is the potion for success and I am sure that your institution provides its student with all these.

As an old saying goes, talent without knowledge is useless, I wish to enrich my ‘little’ talent by gaining ‘huge’ knowledge. I wish to put in the best of my abilities to achieve great heights in this field. But surely, Ability is of little account without opportunity.

Everything depends upon the quality of experience . . . just as no man lives or dies to himself, so no experience lives and dies to itself. Any experience is miss-educative that has the effect of arresting or distorting the growth of further experience. Higher education in U.S.A. would stand as the manifestation of my burning desire of academic achievement with professional experience. I envision this program that I wish to pursue in U.S.A. as a logical next step towards great career prospects. It is more than a matter of pride to belong to a college which is listed in the tier of the regional, master level university category in U.S.A.

So I am under the anticipation of becoming the proud holder of the bliss of joining your institution.  My Thanks are due to the faculty and Staff of the University for giving me this opportunity to share my interests and views.