Stream be a powerful marketing strategy for

Stream Energy Leading the Way in Energy Transformation

The press release titled Stream Brings Energy Services to Delaware describes Stream’s latest launch of energy services to Delaware. The services that included the home, protective and wireless services. The Delaware expansion was the company’s second expansion imitative in 2017 after the expansion in Illinois market. Delaware became the eighth State to be included under Streams expansion radar that captured Estates such as the Washington, D.C, Illinois, Maryland, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. According to the press release, the CEO and President of Stream, Larry Mondry was glad that the company was able to add one more Estate to its list. The Company president said he believed the opportunity would enable the energy consumers in Delaware to know Stream and its energy services.

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About Stream Energy

The company was established in 2005 from a humble, but innovative idea of marketing energy through the word of mouth. The simple idea turned out to be a powerful marketing strategy for the company and distinguished it from other energy companies .The Company quickly became a global leader in the direct selling of energy to the consumers. In 2014, Stream Energy merged with Ignite, its multi-level marketing branch improves its competitive advantage. The company also hired associates who earn commissions from their efforts to recruit new associate or sell energy services direct to customers.

The Stream Energy has issued millions of dollars to people who work day and night telling friends, family members and their neighbors about the Stream Energy and enrolling them as Company’s new customers. For over eleven years, the company has utilized the direct selling strategy to transform the energy sector. The current total revenue of the company is approximately $7 billion. In Texas, the company is in the forefront towards ensuring change to the impacts of the global warning.

            Despite the success story behind the Stream Energy, it has also had a share of downsides. Some of its investors have accused the company of operating like a pyramid scheme. According to this group of investors, Stream Energy violates the racketeering laws of the federal government. Therefore, Stream Energy needs to come up with strategies of dealing with such concerns from their investors.