STATEMENT and the Database Management Systems and Linux


At the age of 12, my father bought a Computer both for his official use and his brother’s educational purpose. As a child, observing them, I wondered what it was that they did with the computer and I was curious to find out what all could be done using the Computer. I would use their computer whenever I could and try to figure it out; you could say the bug had bitten me from a young age. My interest never waned and when the time came for me to choose a career path, I opted to pursue Computer Science for my Bachelor’s degree.

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Due to my hard work, I gained admission to Vignan Institute of Technology & Science which is affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University at Hyderabad. Computer Science was my top choice and thus began my introduction to the world of IT. I learnt many of the fundamentals with subjects like Data Structures, Web Technologies, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Systems, Computer Networks. The subjects I enjoyed most however were Java, and the Database Management Systems and Linux Programming, where I learned the most.

I always strived to focus on the practical applications of all the theories learned in class through projects. During my Third semester, I have developed a Java based Chat and File Transfer application which works in a LAN Network. Being passionate about Mobile Technologies, I have developed an Android Application for Department Information System which gives information about the Computer Science Department of my college. The one standout feature about the application is that it sends messages about the events through the Push Notifications. During the final year of my course I built another Android Application. The main functionality of the app is that it helps in creating a Resume in a simpler way. It takes the required information used to build a Resume such as Educational Details, Projects, Skills, etc. through the User Interface designed in the Application and then sends the Resume in a Formatted PDF to the User mail id.

Towards the End of my Bachelor’s, I was selected for the post of Intern-Software Engineer at OpenText Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. after a tough three rounds of interview. I consider myself lucky to be working before the completion of my degree. This was a great opportunity for me to apply my knowledge in a real project. I have worked at their Hyderabad office and the experience has been invaluable for me. I was in the Engineering Department where I worked, along with my team, on integrating a product called BIRT-iHub. We used a tool called JIRA which provides the project with the functions of project management. My responsibilities are to develop web services for SSO (Single Sign On) using API of BIRT-iHub, also to develop Reports and Dashboards based on KPI’s required for the Product.




Based on my Intern Experience, I got an Opportunity to work as Java Developer at Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd., for the Client Sprint Corporation, a Telecommunication company. Working at Accenture Services, I used to code tremendously and work with novel and upcoming technologies like Java 2 Extended Edition (J2EE) and Pega 7 including frameworks such as Case Management, D.S.M, and N.B.A. The objective of this project is to develop a Customer care application for the Call Centers of Sprint, which is used to provide different Treatments (Offers) to the customers based on their eligibility. In parallel to my daily Responsibilities, I have developed a Java Based Application which is used to test the Treatments eligibility for different customers. This Application saved almost of 35% – 40 % effort of the Testing team. The result of my work has elicited appreciation and applauds from my Supervisor and Clients. I succeeded in achieving a laudable rating of 4 out of 5 in all my appraisals so far. At Accenture, It is indeed a great learning experience to work under huge pressure with limited availability of resources and enormous cost constraints. 

My decision to pursue my graduate degree in Computer Science was actuated by my interest in areas like Networking, Programming languages, Cloud computing and Mobile Technologies and more significantly while coding for real time applications. I realized that I want to delve deeper and know more and that this is the embarkation of the journey and not the culmination.

Other than academics, I have also been an active participant in several extracurricular activities. I have been part of the Vignan Association of Computer Engineers where I attended seminars and volunteered for its activities like meetings and gatherings. I have also attended several workshops on soft skill development, many technical seminars, and national level technical festivals and also participated in them.

University of Southern Mississippi at Hattiesburg, being one of the best in Computer Science with the best Infrastructure, career and research opportunities provided. The wide number of student organizations, athletic activities and campus life of the university has captivated me. I have an innate passion to develop technology for benefit of people. As I perused through the website, I found that this university emphasizes on R&D projects. It would be a good opportunity to work in such programs to gain knowledge, explore and contribute new vistas in the field chosen and I feel this university is the ideal place for me to achieve my dreams.

I love taking on challenging environments. I am amiable, maintaining good rapport with peers and professors. With the strong technical skills, perseverance to attain perfection, my extreme passion to give back to the community and reach new heights in this field, I believe I would meet the high standards of your university and make a potential graduate. In my view, the true essence of education lies in the synergetic relation between the student and the university. I feel that graduate study at your university will be the most logical extension of my scholastic interests. I sanguinely await to be part of fall 2016.