Standard It is the pioneer in introducing

Standard Bank Limited (SBL) was incorporated as a
Public Limited Company on May 11, 1999 under the Companies Act, 1994 and the
Bank achieved satisfactory progress from its commercial operations on June 03,
1999. SBL has introduced several new products on credit and deposit schemes. It
also goes for Corporate and Retail Banking etc. The Bank also participated in
fund Syndication with other Banks. Standard Bank builds up strong pillar of
capital, promote trade, commerce and industry; discover strategies for
achieving systematic growth. It is the pioneer in introducing and launching
different customer friendly deposit Schemes to tap the savings of the people
for channelling the same to the productive sectors of the economy. Recently the
bank starts internet banking in order to provide prompt and efficient services
to the customers. Through all these myriad activities SBL has created a
positive impact in the Market. Standard Bank’s major CSR activities at a glance:



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of Standard Bank Ltd



The bank helps
the poor and meritorious student to discover their own potential in the area
of academic development. Recognizing “education” as a focus area of the
bank’s CSR activities. The Bank has expensed BDT 3.09 million for Education


Health care,
social awareness, rehabilitation program, natural disaster

BDT 48.30
million was contributed for social and philanthropic causes under CSR
activities of the Bank in the form of Direct Social Intervention and Community
Development Project.


Young leadership

universities took part in the first ever university level women’s debate
competition in the country.


Social welfare

2,000 employees
ran for humanity. 26,500 cold-hit people have received clothes to survive
winter nights. Road Accident Memorial has been built in Dhaka University
premises to raise public awareness about road safety issues.


Art &

More than 55,000
people have found roots in classical music. Countless readers will get access
to online reading.



446 hearing
impaired children will get better diagnosis. Fifty nursing students got
residential facility.