Once from under 10’s to Ladies. All

Once known as the ‘English Sports Council’, Sport England is linked with the National Lottery who recognised sport as a great benefit for the English citizens. They aim to benefit areas such as education, health, and the regeneration on communities and promoting social inclusion. Sport England is open to applications for amateur sports people who need the support whilst progressing through the natural ranks. Football has benefited from the lottery fund, one major benefit being all weather grass pitches and astroturf pitches at Preston Sport Arena.

Discrimination within the game of football Being female has its advantages. Being a footballer is fantastic, but being both in this day and age isn’t the very best combination to have. Although give it its due, womens football has come along way, but for my liking not far enough. Within Preston I can name more than 15 football clubs for males of all age, the only womens team is Preston North End WFC. PNE WFC has over 70 girls and 6 teams ranging from under 10’s to Ladies.

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All these teams struggle to pay for pitches, kits and equipment due to the lack of funding and interest of PNE FC themselves. The managers and coaches are all volunteers, if you will it is deceived to be a ‘school of excellence’ but it is nothing better than a Sunday league team who share PNE FC’s name. Women don’t have a regular town team or Lancashire side, all in all it seems not much effort is put into the game for womens football in the Preston area. Not just sexism occurs within the game but racism.

Many organisations have been set up to fight racism within professional clubs, young people, amateur football, Asian and black communities, such as ‘Kick It Out’. Occasionally on match days, at the PNE football ground the players promote the organisation with banners and leaflets. Although in Preston leagues are said to be for all ages, once someone reaches a certain age bracket they tend to lack interest in the sport because youngster are taking their places, why is it that leagues for the older people aren’t set up? In Preston there aren’t.

Disability Football

People with disabilities in Preston are less fortunate than those of the South and South East of England where the organisation ‘Football in the community’ provide coaching and facilities for free. The disabled work is funded by a donation of i?? 81,000 from the Football Foundation and a further i?? 15,000 from Premiership sponsors, Barclaycard. All this only began recently in 2002. It seems the courses run are doing very well and hopefully soon they will be taking place in Preston. However, I know of people with disabilities and do take part in many sports in Preston.

Many youth clubs are set up in local leisure centres and school halls, by Preston City Council to let those with disabilities to take part in sports without feeling intimidated or less able than those who are. Due to the recent organisation in the South there hasn’t been any professional disabled footballers but maybe in the future there will. As you have probably observed by now this assignment is almost based on the comparison between mens football and womens football within the Preston area. Although exactly the same game they are a world apart, the simple difference being the sex of the players.

After much research it seems not just Preston but other cities and towns are lacking something too when it comes to womens football. This has been recognised by a newly formed organisation ‘Active Sports’. It aims to develop ten sports within a five year period, girl’s football being the latest to join the list. They quote; “Active Sports will enhance the development work of the FA and enable good practice to become standard practice across all Partnership Areas, for girls and young women aged 10-16. “