Solar warming. By the panel we can produce

power means that kind of power which is received by the earth form the sun that
energy can be converted into different energies. So it has a great impact on
the earth’s climate and the life of humans. Fortunately, solar energy is a
renewable energy for its sustainability. All kinds of living things lifestyle
mostly depend on the energy of the sun.


As solar power comes from sun, so it is the main source of our lives.
The heat from the sun causes water on earth’s surface to get vaporized and form
cloud that eventually give us pollution free fresh rainwater. This solar energy
is the outcome of the thermonuclear fusion reactions deep within the sun. These
fusion emits so much energy that they keep the temperature of the sun’s surface
about 10,300 BOF. Even though this is the largest source of energy and
temperature we the human beings and the earth’s surface get a little of it
because the sun stands far away from the earth’s surface.

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                         Solar power is used in
our day to day life. In the past days when there was no invention of
electricity and gas then the people used to boil water, cook food and dry
cloths with the help of this power. The solar power is very ecofriendly because
it doesn’t cause any pollution to our nature. Using solar power panel we can
reduce the global warming. By the panel we can produce electricity without
causing any kind of pollution. Using this solar power we would be able to give
the facility of light and fan to the people where the electricity lines haven’t
gone there. Even we can run a calculator by using this power. Sun is the main
element of photosynthesis process. For this reason the trees are also
facilitated by the power because they can grow foods and flowers. Even this
solar power is used in Sajek Vally which is situated in Chittagong and also it
is a tourist place where so many people go to enjoy the nature, but this place
is fully depended on the energy of sun.


                          Besides having so many
advantages solar power has some demerits also. But the limitations are very
limited. The first one is that the sun doesn’t shine 24 hour of the day. So
when the sun goes down the solar power panel stop working because of the
lacking of sunlight. This type of inconsistent power supply doesn’t fit well
with the modern world. The next main demerit is the economy. In this panel we
have to use semiconductor materials for the cell which are very much expensive.
So a lot of money needed to be spend for servicing and making this panel.


                          Solar power is the
unlimited source of directly useable energy. This source ultimately create
different source of energy. This various types of energy has ultimately made
our life easier to lead. This power is everlasting then any other power. As
this is ecofriendly system we can invent new invention related to this system
to make our environment clean and pollution free. So solar power is very much important
in our day to day life and for making a pollution free environment for our next