Solar is very limited. Now we use very

Solar power refers
to the use of sun’s energy directly or indirectly as thermal energy, electrical
energy through the use of photovoltaic cells in solar panels and
transparent photo voltaic glasses. Solar power comes to this earth mostly in
the form of light and heat energy. Neither any creatures nor any plants can
survive without the help of solar energy. This power can be harnessed and
stored for future uses.

The sun is a
fire ball of gaseous mixture of Helium and Hydrogen. Sub atomic fushion
reaction takes place between this molecules and a massive amount of energy is
produced in every instance .Only a small portion of it reaches us. We can only
convert 15% of that energy into our usable energy.

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Now a days
solar power is being used in many things such as from calculators to large
power plants that can power large cities. Most common solar power is used for
small things. Many calculators have solar cells that uses solar energy and they
will never run out of batteries. Some watches run on solar cells too. There are
some radios that uses solar cells.

There are
also many big things that run with the help of solar energy. Almost all
satellite run on solar energy or otherwise they will someday run of energy.
There are solar furnaces in many countries. Solar power is also used
residentially or commercially now a days. It is also used in transportation system
but these are all in experimental stage now. Solar power car may come soon.

There are
three forms of solar energy such as wind power, water power, ocean thermal
energy. These three energies someway use the sun. The first type is a form of
solar energy because the sun heats the air that creates electricity. The next   form is
considered a form of solar power because hydraulic cycle. The hydraulic cycle
means water evaporating from bodies of water then coming back to earth in
different places. This allows them to go back through dams to produce
electricity. The last kind is also of a form because it uses the difference
between the surface temperature and the temperature of the bottom  of the ocean to produce electricity which is
sent to land through wire. These are the indirect uses of solar energy.

Today the
use of solar power is very limited. Now we use very little active solar
heating. Though in future many more houses in the countries around the globe
will be solar heated. Scientists want to make satellite that would orbit around
the earth which will have giant wings that would beam electricity down to
earth. This would allow solar cells not to be obstructed by clouds or other
climate changes. Also ground solar power plants are predicted to be used more
frequently in near future. Another thing going to be popular is solar powered

Solar power
is a good alternative energy source because it has many advantages over fossil
fuels and others. One is that the sun is free and the energy coming from it cannot
be bought. Also it does not hurt the environment and it is a renewable energy
source. If there is another energy crisis the use of solar power will greatly
increase. So federal funding should be greatly increased for the study of the
use of this power.This will make to use the power more efficiently.