Softball Chicago, Illinois softball was originated on Thanksgiving

Softball is an underrated sport that you should pay attention to, because of all the fascinating things about it. The way softball was made had an unusual way of becoming a sport. People think that softball is baseball for girls but it really isn’t, anyone can play it. Both sport have similar ways of playing the sport. Softball is similar to baseball, I just think that it’s more complicated than baseball. The origin of softball has its way of becoming a sport in a different way other sports came to be. In Chicago, Illinois softball was originated on Thanksgiving day 1887 . When two colleges, Harvard and Yale were waiting to see who won in the football game. When Yale was announced that they won Yale threw a boxing glove at Harvard and a Harvard fan swung a stick at the boxing glove. Softball is all over the globe, countries around the world have games to see who is top 1. Also on Guam there’s two leagues one for IIAAG and GISA. The rules of softball is simple for people to understand. The pitcher pitches you the ball and the batter gets to try and hit the ball in order for them to make to at least first base. If one of the players playing defense catches the ball in the air without letting the hit the floor, that batter is out. If you get touched with the ball while you’re playing offense before you get to your base you are out. If the batter hits the ball and gets hit all the way out then you get a homerun. The techniques for softball is similar to baseball for the catches. The catches are a regular throw, a grounder which is a ball rolling on the floor, and a pop-fly which is a ball in the air. Pitches are a little bit more complicated there are ten way to pitch a softball. some are called a beanball that is illegal because they target straight for the head, a curveball, a fastball, a screwball which is the opposite of a curveball. There is also batting, all you have to do is hit the ball with the bat. There are basic tactics which are offense and defense, but there ar more to it. Offense there’s a steal where you run to the next base, and there’s a delayed steal where the base runner runs to the next base when the catcher is relaxed. There are also double steal, hit-and-run, and many more. For the defense there is shortstop drag where the ball grounds to the right of the second base to the pitcher to cover second base. Many more like double plays, run downs, and force plays. As I said in the beginning softball is more complicated than baseball by just a little. Softball was actually played by boys, so really it isn’t just an all girls sport. As long as you have fun playing the sport you’ll be doing what you thought that was impossible. Just make sure to be doing the legal tactics and techniques in order for you to keep playing softball.