Social of conformation acts, opinions, and beliefs to

Social Conformity Experiment


            Conformity is the behavior of conformation acts, opinions, and beliefs to group norms. The norms are certain, particular rules based on a group of individuals, which steer group members to interact with other. The interaction involves the pressure of social norms or expectations.

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In this the experiment aims to demonstrate how people are affected by others, especially specific persons who are the same citizen. In addition, we chose this phenomena to explore how people can easily be influenced by the others’ decisions, in this case wrong decisions. This experiment  makes it easier to understand how social norms effect people in their judgment and decision-making. In addition, one of the reasons for conducting this experiment, we wanted to show mainstream opinions are falsifiable. Our experiment based upon a recreation of an Solomon Asch Experiment in Kuwait (Bond, R., & Smith, P. B. 1996). As we see in the Kuwait experiment most of the participants were influenced by the confederates’ answers. We chose this experiment because we wanted to see if the experiment is replicable  and applicable to another culture by focusing on a group of Turkish people. The other aim of the choosing this experiment we wanted to measure how much people were influenced by the confederates answer if different puzzles were used. Instead of the original line comparison task, we attempted to find similar results in a more challenging task. We introduced a spatial cognition task that required critical subjects to use more concentration.


Research Problem

In this study we aim to see the role of influence has on an individual when solving puzzles within a group environment. We wanted to see if an incorrect answer given by all members of the group would affect the critical subject’s answer, as opposed giving their own answer.