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Social factors are really important in every for Zara. Zara has to make sure that they have to work according to their social trends and mind their social responsibility, which means that Zara can’t stand divorced from the society. Social responsibility is a not just a attract attention, it is also a worthy thing to do because they invest in society. Zara has this aspect of business. As well as, without doing its preliminary reachers zara does not enter any new market. Moreover, before releasing any new products or investing new markets Zara makes sure that they researches new cultures and markets. Around the world most of the people prefer buying clothes connected with their culture. So, Zara does its research and makes products that rhyme with the local culture. Zara is one the largest international fashion companies with their customers being at the heart of their unique business model. Zara’s corporate social responsibility commitment is to help support the development of society and the environment.  As well as that, focuses on being friendly in society in every part of supply and production chain.  Moreover, there were was an issue on producing unethical clothing by using cancer causing hormones substances. As well as, GreenPeace is a non governmental organization bought Zara products from many different countries and tested them, which as a results showed  there was dangerous chemical contained on the clothing. In additions there was manufacturing issues because in Peru and Bolivia  people were forced to work for 16- hours shifts on undocumented, as well as 14 years old youngest were forced to work. They were paid the equivalent of seven to 13 U.S. cents per garment sewn.  Furthermore, having the society know about Zara’s eco-friendly ways is beneficial to Zara for example, persuade consumers to purchase, people should feel about themselves for buying items from a brand that cares about their environment.Demographic changes, the fragrance point of sale os currently positioned next to the bills. Which means customers will not go to this part pf stores until the end of their shopping experience. The clients won’t prefer to move from their queue but as fragrance os very personal, the customer will need time to try the fragrance and make their product decisions. Moreover, they should make sure the upper changing rooms should be open at all times,  because on the lower floor the queue is too long, which will consume time for the customers who perhaps only have few items. This would be a disadvantage which can lose sales before the consumer has tried the item on.