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Social Media for Manufacturers: 5 Best Practices to Consider


Daily papers and billboards
are amongst the main channels used in advertising before. However, nowadays,
internet seemingly change how businesses are done. Considering the growing
number of individuals getting internet access and the increasing reports of users
searching online prior purchasing, majority of businesses have found it ideal
to utilize internet marketing.

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There are various benefits
of internet marketing for entrepreneurs, advertisers and businessmen. This is
the reason why they make it a point to develop tactics that will increase their
brands’ relevance in the market. One channel they come across with is the
social media. Deeming a statement from Statista, it is estimated that “from 2.46 billion in 2017, there will be
around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe by 2019.” No wonder
it is reported that 85 percent of manufacturers are using social media as their
digital marketing strategy.


If you’re aiming to up your
business’ content marketing game, below are five best practices for you to
utilize social media:


Social Media for Manufacturers: Facebook

Presently, Facebook has more than 1 billion active users.
While most of these users are consumers, there are still thousands of B2Bs on
the platform.  And when you break down a
B2B, it’s made up of individuals, the majority of whom use Facebook!

The goal should be to get as many targeted Facebook users as
possible to be aware of your company and your products. Add fans by using
targeted Facebook Ads to job titles, locations and even at fans of competitors,
and make sure your posts carry brand-solidifying messages.


Most of your posts should be product photos, stats, and
videos. You can also provide links to your website so users who want to know
more about a product can go straight to that product’s page.


Social Media for Manufacturers: YouTube

As per recent study by Brightcove, B2B companies rank
YouTube as the second most effective social media. Considering that
manufacturing companies are mostly B2B, you should be thinking about taking
your business to YouTube. The channel gets over 1 billion unique visits per
month, and it’s the second most-trafficked search site on the web, second only
to parent company Google. Imagine what such exposure would do for your

Manufacturing companies can use YouTube to tell their brand
stories and provide educational industry content in video format. The type of
videos you create is up to you, but how-to videos and product feature videos
are in the most demand.  What’s more,
videos do not have to be supreme, professional creations.  Social Media has made smartphone recorded
videos a standard that is acceptable, even at the B2B level.


Social Media for Manufacturers: Instagram

This might not seem obvious but Instagram is growing in use
by adults and businesses.  Manufacturers
can share images of their products in use by consumers or do up to 60-second
videos where they walk through production or new models to showcase their best
features. Images and videos communicate greatly, quickly, so there’s a way to
build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website where leads can be

Many manufacturers are ramping up their online and social
media marketing and for good reason. 
It’s where the people are!  It’s a
chance to grow your targeted audience and then communicate to them on a regular
basis.  With a thorough strategy, social
media can be a key part of the online marketing funnel to grow leads and sales.


Social Media for Manufacturers: Twitter

Twitter is another excellent platform for manufacturers.
With over 400 million active users, it provides an excellent opportunity to
initiate and drive conversations with your customers and prospects.

One of the best ways to use the platform is as a news
channel. If you’re launching a new product or have some special industry news
to break, do it on this platform.  You
can publish from your company account, linking to the news on your
website.  As well, share new blog posts
on Twitter and follow potential dealers and distributors you want to connect
with further


Social Media for Manufacturers: LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has more
than 300 million active accounts. Most people on LinkedIn are trying to connect
with like-minded professionals. There are thousands of manufacturing companies
and engineers on the platform, consistently sharing ideas and engaging in
constructive discussions.


The easiest way to get started on the network is to create a
professional LinkedIn account and join a group in your industry. With that, you
can start sharing your knowledge, contributing to discussions, and answering
other people’s questions. It only takes a while before you’re networking with
experts in the industry and making quality sales contacts.


The good news is that all these are strategies you can start
applying today.