Social 2010″ (Jobvite, 2012). A wide range

Social media has
altered the way people do business today. They offer tremendous benefits for
instance, enhance the organization’s public image, improve interactions with
candidates, provide variety of information and cost efficient. There has been
increase in the usage of online systems to search, track and mange the
candidates’ applications. In the past few years there has been surge in the
percentage of employers who use social networks to recruit candidates and
decline in the other sources of employment such as Internet job boards, online
resume databases and college recruiting programs. Employers are using sites
such as LinkedIn to identify talent, but some are also attracting talent
through targeted and innovative social media campaigns to engage and challenge
candidates and find the right fit for the business. A recent global study among
employers explained that, the application of social media in recruitment has
increased at present and has potential to enhance in future as well. The study
revealed that, “92 per cent of respondents use or plan to use social media for
recruiting, an increase of almost ten percent from the 83 per cent using social
recruiting in 2010” (Jobvite, 2012). A wide range of IT companies functioning
in India have adopted social media recruitment as a part of their quick
recruitment strategy. To sustain in the competitive in the market it is
essential for the organizations to maximize the use of social media platforms
so as to grab hold of the quality applicants.

According to the study conducted by Tallulah David in
association with research firm Future Workplace on 616 HR professionals and 438
job seekers between February 2 – 14, 2017, reveals that –

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Ø  Job seekers favor social and professional networks as the
most helpful job search source as compared to job boards, job ads,
employee referrals, recruiting agencies, and other recruiting events.

Ø  91% of Employers are using social
media to hire talent these days and think that social media platforms will
become a more considerable source of hire in the next coming five years and
social media marketing will be the most demanded HR skill by 2020.

Ø  Social Media and Social Recruiting Software was ranked first planned technology investment of 2017.



on the related topic reveals that, in the coming future recruitment via social
media will let companies to become diverse, since they will have an extensive
variety of potential candidates with diverse qualities accessible to choose
from. But it may offer certain limitations also, because it may cause companies
to be more choosy and careful about candidates before they meet them. Recruiters
may select and pick potential candidates to interview depending upon the
information exhibited on the profile of a prospective candidate. They may
choose the candidate based on the feelings what employers possess about the
candidate’s profile, how they feel they will fit within the company. This may
take place before the company has even met with or contacted the candidate for
an interview.  It may invite ethical troubles.
Organizations aimed at increasing their workplace diversity can purposely utilize
social media to inspect whether candidates are actually diverse or not depending
upon the information posted on a candidate’s social media profile and then hire
them. Recruitment decision based on diverse qualities may be seen as an
unethical and unfair practice.As
we memorize 1990s as the growth of IT industry, similarly the 2010s will be
remembered for the development and expansion of the social media on recruitment
in the human resource industry. Social networking websites are becoming
effective job search tools since job fairs are finding stiff
competition from them. There
are a lot of companies who manage their own formal pages on the social
websites, where job seekers can learn about the organization’s business,
culture, ethics etc. Companies
have a large pool of applicants from this source. It is also cost effective since, it does
not require setting up an office and make an effective tool for recruiters. It improves the recruitment
process by increasing the speed of
employment and reducing the cost of recruitment. It addresses the needs of recruiters and job-seekers on electronic platform
likes face book, twitter, LinkedIn,, and It
provides an opportunity to the management to study the candidates’ psychology
through the information that is presented by the applicant on these sites. This
information can be used for learning the psychology of the potential candidates
and thus help the company in understanding the employee-job-fit. This will not
only lead to successful recruitment but also facilitate in boosting employee
retention initiatives. Organizations can effectively use these sites to
establish themselves as good employer brands in order to attract the best
talents of the industry thus creating competitive advantage in the market. Hence,
it’s time for the HR managers not to fear emerging media, but in order to
remain competitive they should create a unified message that embodies the brand
and engages employees accordingly. In view of that, companies should set up
rules on how the applications should be handled. They must make every
effort to legally exploit the power of social media through carefully drafted
policies and procedures that guard the rights of job applicants, employees and
the companies for which they work. They should create a win-win situation for both company and potential candidates.