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It is said that whatever the action or the behavior of individuals would really have significant effect toward their society and even outside it. It is to be noted that every individual has duties to his family as well as his community hence if these duties and obligations would not really be performed by every individual, the family, the community and even the whole world would lost its peace and order. The harmony that is an ideal goal of the society could only be achieved if all the people would do their part as members of the society.

In connection with the effects of drug and alcohol abuse in North America, there were lots of cases wherein drug and alcohol abuses were the root causes. Crimes like murder, rape, robbery, homicide and the likes were reportedly committed by those individuals who were under the influence of the prohibited drugs and alcohol. The worst fact was that almost 75 percent of reported perpetrators of the mentioned crimes were teenagers. The ages of these teenagers range from 14-19. Such cases were very alarming to the North American government. (Knafla, 2003)

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Moreover, one of the causes of the early death of teenagers was said to be due to the use of illicit drugs and being alcoholic. As mentioned earlier, abuse of drugs and alcohol can really cause death. However, teenagers took such risk in order to satisfy their cravings on those drugs and alcohol. And because of immaturity, they failed to realize how dangerous for them to do such undertaking. Also, due to immaturity, their body cannot adequately control the intake of illicit drugs and alcohol hence it led to malfunctioning of body systems that can really cause death.

(Knafla, 2003) Nonetheless there was this contention declared by the government of Canada in which they argued that their crime rates were not really perpetrated with the influence of drug and alcohol. According to them, although there was this high statistics that showed the high cases of drug and alcohol abuse, the crimes that were committed were not really under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Moreover, they said that such findings were done exaggeratedly.

(World Drug Report 2000, 2001) The same contention was raised by the US government. Drug and alcohol abuse was really rampant in the North American region however; reported crimes were not really due to the abuse of drugs and alcohol. The US government argued that they were strictly implementing policies to lower the cases of drug and alcohol abuse such that the assumption that the criminals were under the influence of drugs and alcohol was not really the case. (World Drug Report 2000, 2001)