Smartphones important devices, where user can do nearly

Smartphones have dramatically changed the computing landscape. They complement and, in some cases, supplant traditional computing devices such as laptops and desktops. Despite the popularity of smartphones, there are reasons to believe that privacy and security concerns might be inhibiting users from realizing the full potential of their mobile devices(Mylonas, Kastania, & Gritzalis, 2013). Although half of U.S. adults own smartphones, mobile online shopping is only 3% of overall shopping revenues, suggesting that users are hesitant to perform these tasks on their smartphones(Lee & Lee, 2015). A application locker is a simple and efficient app that protect all application with a password that can be set. This means accessing any program is simple if have the password, so that nobody can mess with the stuff without user permission. Nowadays, smartphone have become important devices, where user can do nearly everything on smartphone, and that is truly remarkable (Ilindra, A., 2016). Smartphone addiction. Addictive mobile phone use can be regarded as an impulse control disorder that does not involve an intoxicant and is similar to pathological gambling (Park & Lee, 2011). Furthermore, smartphone is a potential goldmine for thieves and hackers to do something bad.

Mobile application or can be known as smartphone apps are application developed for small handheld devices such as smartphones and so on. It can come preloaded on the handheld device as well as can be downloaded by users from apps store and the Internet. That is the reason why implement software for mobile application more useful than othersSo, by implement Android App Locker based on pattern way is more secure to help protect the information and the mobile application. It helps to protect the privacy our phone from other people in a great way. Users may not like other people to gain unauthorized access to apps in their smartphones. Moreover, if users think locking the entire phone with a pattern is not a good idea, this app can always come in handy. Rather than locking the entire device, users can just lock the apps that they want to keep private. The best thing about this Android App Locker is that users can even hide its icon so nobody knows that this application have it installed on the device, though they will figure it out if it asks them to insert the corresponding password.Android App Locker is based on mobile application, where the application is able to use on smartphone based on the hardware requirement and software requirement. The application is develop to overcome the problems. Smartphone users always carry around so much precious data, and when it is lost, trouble often ensues. Users might hand users phone over to someone so they can make a call or look at a picture. If users turn back, they could always dig into users data. To that end, student final year in Computer Forensic are always searching for new and improved methods to help give users ever-growing smartphone world even more ways to secure that data. By having a Android App Locker into the user smartphone, the user can freely lend their smartphone phone to their friends and no need too worry if the phone lost because the data in application is secured. So, it is very easy to carry smartphone anywhere and anytime. Users might have already used some old conventional Android apps to lock application by pin and password. But these Android App Locker are far secure than any other application. The application in smartphone will be locked using pattern method that already being set by the users. Users will protect the application with pattern,and the pattern is the key to unlock them.

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