SITA of yielding an advanced synchronization between

SITA is listed as a Schedule 3A National Public
Entity in terms of the Public Finance Management Act. Government is the sole
shareholder of SITA, and the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services
exercises the custodian rights attached to the shareholder on behalf of the
State (SITA, 2016).


It has the vision to be the “lead Information
and Communications Technology (ICT) Agency in the public service delivery”
(SITA, 2016). SITA is steered by the values that reinforce the performance
philosophy of the organisation to deliver service excellence, transparency,
integrity, fairness, prudence and innovation, see Appendix 1: SITA values (SITA, 2016).

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Over the years SITA performance particularly in the
service offering area has deteriorated (SITA, 2016). This is mainly due to
SITA’s  inability to implement and
institutionalize of critical strategic initiatives. The areas that are always
prioritized for improvement includes service turnaround times; a clear value
proposition to government and value for money on all service delivery
initiatives. The SITA organizational structure also needs to be aligned with
the SITA strategic plan and its Annual Performance Plan (APP) (SITA, 2016).


In a reaction to all the problems faced by the
organisation, a business optimization exercise, approved by the Board of
Directors was undertaken. This was done in order to address service delivery
issues in the organisation.   An exercise to revise the organisational
structure was undertaken with the main goal of yielding an advanced
synchronization between service delivery functions and monitoring and
evaluation of all strategic programmes in the organisation, Figure 1 below illustrates the proposed new structure.

 This is still
work in progress and the exercise is envisaged to be completed by the last
quarter of the 2017/2018 financial year (SITA, 2016).