since their journey towin the pageant crown

since 2009 viewers of toddlers andtiaras have seen the show’s young beautyqueens all dolled up with spray tansfull faces of makeup and acrylic nailsbut some of these toddlers have somepretty pushy parents too we’ve seenthese moms do some very shocking thingsto their young children that you have tosee to believe they think they’re onlyhelping their kids on their journey towin the pageant crown but others may begto differ if this is your first timevisiting our channel don’t forget tosubscribe and give this video a bigthumbs up today we’ll be showing you theten worst parents of toddlers and tiarasjust wait until you see which parent waxtheir five-year-old daughter’s eyebrowsDolly Parton look-alike when the worldwas introduced to five year old MaddieJackson they just couldn’t get over howadorable she was Maddie had a vibrantand bubbly personality that was perfectfor the pageant world and her momLindsay was right there every step ofthe way to help Maddie’s pageant dreamscome true on an episode of the programLindsay dress a tiny beauty queen as thelegendary singer Dolly Parton now forthose of you who are familiar with dollyyou probably already know that she hassome pretty big assets that she loves toshow off in order to transform Maddieinto Dolly link addressed her daughterup in a very cute costume but she alsoadded padding to Maddie’s chest to giveher the appearance of a larger bustviewers were outraged and they couldn’tbelieve a mom would feel this far todisplay her childlindsay defended the costume and heractions but this team in the show turnedinto a much bigger problem than shecould ever imagine when Maddie’s fathersaw the episode he decided to get thecourt involved to ask for full custodyof the young pageant queeneven though Lindsay still stood by herdecision she later said if she knew theDolly Parton Kashihe’s such a big issue she never wouldhave done it especially not on nationalTV teeth bleaching for adults bleachingcan turn their yellow teeth into pearlywhitesbut this dental treatment isn’t verysuitable for young kids most dentistsrecommend parents wait until their kidsare at least 14 years old but do youthink that stopped this pageant mom fromgiving bleach to her nine-year-olddaughter not a chanceon an episode of toddlers and tiarasLori Matthews was seen bleaching herdaughter Alaska’s teeth in preparationfor an upcoming pageant but that’s notallLori also bleached her young son Stevesue even though both of her childrenwhined about the bleaching processLori insisted that they needed thebleach applied on a regular basis evenwhen they weren’t set to compete in apageant Lori would still keep up withthe procedure to make sure they hadbeautiful megawatt smiles at all timesso why would a mom put their kidsthrough this especially after both herson and daughter complained about thefoul taste and smell of the productswell Lori said she didn’t like theappearance of false teeth that mostchildren wearing beauty pageants so shethought bleaching her children’s realteeth was the perfect solution smokingtoddler the program experienced intensebacklash after an episode starringdestiny and her mom Lisa for this beautypageant destiny was dressed up in acostume that mimicked the style ofclothing that was born in the movieGrease and the four-year-old beautyqueen had a very controversial proponstage it was a fake candy cigarettethat blew out smoke her mom coached herthe entire time and she even tolddestiny in front of the cameras don’tforget to smoke as destiny says shadeacross the stage the cigarette was onfull display and she pretended to smokejust as her mom instructed her to doDestiny’s mom later appeared on anepisode of the Nancy Grace show todiscuss the entire incident her mom saidshe didn’t see anything wrong with heractions and she insisted that destinywas not a typical four-year-old sheclaimed that her young daughter alreadyknew the difference between right andwrong and pretending to puff on acigarette wasn’t going to harm herin any way see you think Destiny’s momwas wrong to include the cigarette as apageant prop don’t forget to leave yourreply down below in the comment sectionParadise many pageant parents spendhundreds of dollars on hairstyling andhair treatments of their kids can whilethe pageant judges hair extensions hairpieces and wigs are common accessoriesthat are used in beauty pageants butsome parents take things a bit too farwhen it comes to making sure their childhas a flawless hairdo on an episode oftoddlers and tiarasviewers were introduced to karlie a 5year old beauty queen and her momMelissa in the episode Melissa wanted togive her these brown hair a makeover byadding blond highlights the hairtreatment included Melisa addingperoxide to the young girls hair righton camera viewers watched in horror askarlie told her mom she didn’t want togo through with the process but thatdidn’t stop Melissa from forcing Kirbyto sit still as she dyed her hair whenit was all said and done karlie wasupset about her hair color being changedshe told her mom that she didn’t wanthighlight she wants her hair back tobrown karlie went on to win the grandsupreme title at her beauty pageants butthat doesn’t change the fact that shewas forced to do something by her motherthat she didn’t even want to doinappropriate outfit many people have ahuge problem with the way many youngpageant queens dress when they’re notwalking around the stage and their bigfrilly dresses there’s sometimes dressedup in some pretty inappropriate costumesone of the show’s biggest stars evenwood has since retired from the pageantworld after racking up so many wins butshe still makes appearances at specialevents like the time she rocked therunway at a toddler fashion show theevent took place in New York City andEden was front and center to model someof the gorgeous clothes when Eden hitsstage she sent the catwalk on fire butmany people were appalled by her outfitthe young girl was wearing a smallhalter top and a pair of really shortshorts when people saw this photo ofEden on the Internet they werecompletely outragedEden’s mom came to her defense and saidshe would never do anything to put evenin a negative light she said that shealways makes sure that Eden is ok withwhatever event she’s hired to attend andwhatever costume she’s asked to wearshe said that making sure even is okaywith everything is her top priority butotherpeople would beg to differ you thinkEden’s mom crossed the line by allowingher to wear this outfit partying thenight away many people expect young kidsto know all the words to nursery rhymeslike mary had a little lamb and humptydumpty the one pageant princess was afan of pop songs instead one of theshow’s biggest stars Isabella Barrettwas caught on camera in a place that’svery inappropriate for children at thetime she was just 5 years old and shewas hanging out at a pet charity dinnerthat was taking place in a New York Citynightclub Isabella was on the microphoneand singing the song sexy and I know itby the group LMFAOIsabella’s mom Susannah leaked the videoof her singing the song to a gossipwebsite TMZ she expected the website towrite a really cute and innocent articleto go along with Isabella’s video butthat’s not what happened instead thewebsite did a complete 180 and tried tosexualize Isabella’s performanceIsabella’s mom said her sing-alongsession was spontaneous and she said herdaughter didn’t even know all the lyricsto the racy song she later filed a 30million dollar lawsuit against TMZ andasked them to remove the video thewebsite later took down the footage andthe lawsuit between the two parties wasresolved but all of this could have beenavoided if Isabella’s mom did andprovide the website with the videofootage in the first placeweight loss it’s no secret that youngpageant contestants are put on strictdiets and weight loss plans just likeother beauty queens the pressure toremain thin shouldn’t even be a concernfor a young kid but many of thesecontestants parents forced them to countcalories and exercise excessively justso they can fit into their pageantdresses on an episode of the TV showeight year old ever rose was introducedto the world she had already lost somuch weight at an early age butaccording to her mom she lost too muchweight the young girl was criticized oncamera when she couldn’t fit into herdress due to the weight loss her momscolded her and told her to quitdropping pounds or her glitzy dresswould be too baggy on her her mompanicked because she knew the judgesplease deduct points if ever roses dresswas to loselater young girls mom even admitted shemakes her daughter follow a strict dietof only 1600 calories a day a few weeksbefore her next pageant she watches herdaughter’s food intake like a ha hermom’s obsession with her body eventrickled down and started to affect theyoung girl too viewers were shockedwhenever Rose said on camera that sheneeds to watch what she eats butsometimes she gets hungrya waitress outfit if you thought theDolly Parton outfit we showed youearlier was outrageous just wait untilyou see what another young pageantcontestant or on the show her name isscarlet and she was 4 years old at thetime the episode aired for a beautypageant competition her mom thought itwould be a great idea to dress Scarlettup as a waitress but the young Beautywasn’t dressed up like a typicalwaitress she had on a costume that wassimilar to the outfits worn bywaitresses at a sports bar calledhooters violet were little on shorts anda white tank top just like real lifePetersburg when she stepped out on thestage and many people were absolutelyshocked the outfit is something thatmany viewers didn’t think wasappropriate for a child of that age butto make matters even worse Scarlett’smom also choreographed her dance routinewhich included doing the splits and somevery awkward pelvic thrusts after theshow aired her mom defended the entireperformance and Scarlett’s outfit shesaid her daughter’s fooders caution wassimilar to a swimming suit that kidswear on the beach all the time so shedidn’t really see the big deal in it atalldo you agree with her waxing we’ve seensome very unconventional beautytreatments on toddlers and tiarasbut viewers got a front-row seat to avery painful procedure done on one ofthe show stars in the episode a younggirl named Chloe had perfectly fineeyebrows but her mom thought it was bestto give them a bit of a shape up usinghot wax in front of cameras the mothertook Chloe to a salon where they put waxfrom the 9 year olds face before quicklyripping it off using painful waxingstrips viewers could see just how muchpain Chloe was in and her face was leftlooking irritated and red after thesalon session her mom later admitted itwasn’t the first time Chloe had apainful eyebrow waxing experience duringa previous waxing session that some ofChloe’s tender skin had been rippedright off the face but to make matterseven worse Chloe’s momeven talked about her own daughterslooks on national TV she said Chloedidn’t have the right kind of facialbeauty that judges were looking for sheeven said her dirty blonde hair didn’tstand out so she made her daughter gethighlights to make her look moreappealing in front of the judges go-gojuice one of the most memorable pageantqueens on Toddlers and Tiaras is Alanahoney booboo Thompson when she made herfirst appearance on the showBieber’s fell in love with her sassyattitude her hilarious one-liners andthe amount of confidence she showedonstage but others didn’t find anythingfunny about the way Alana was portrayedon television and it all had to do withthe relationship she had with herparents on the show Alana’s mom wasshown giving her a drink made of HartMountain Dew and part Red Bull it wascalled go-go juice and the gave Alana somuch energy she was literally seenbouncing off the walls Alana was alsofed an unhealthy amount of sugar througha powder candy called Pixy Stix to keepher energy levels high her mom thoughtthe sugar added to Alana’s electrifyingpersonality on stage despite howunhealthy it really was after thebacklash her mom defended the go-gojuice and the excessive amount of sugarshe said she could be giving her childworse things to consume and at least shewasn’t making her drink alcohol insteadwhen Alana and her family were giventheir own spin-off reality show theyoung pageant queens diet was back intothe spotlight Alana’s mom was seenfeeding her spaghetti sauce made withsticks of margarine and lemonade madethe 5 pounds of sugarmany people couldn’t believe how Alana’sparents could allow her to eat in suchan unhealthy manner check out ourfriends at the things who makeinteresting feel-good videos aboutlifestyle pop culture and everythingviral that is sure to keep youentertained which of these parents ofyoung beauty pageant contestants shockedyou the most react in the commentssection down below and don’t forget togive this video a thumbs up and whileyou’re at it check out our friends atthe trendy 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