Sherman the novel is poverty; him and his

Sherman Alexie, is from Wellpinit, Spokane Indian Reservation.He’s a Native American who writes poetry, short stories, novels, and films about the lives of American IndiansThe Absolutely True Diary is a first-person narrative from the perspective of Native American teenager Arnold Spirit Jr ,also known as “Junior”(a 14-year-old budding cartoonist). The book is  detailing Junior’s life on the Spokane Indian Reservation, and his decision, upon encouragement from a reservation high school teacher, to go to an all-white public high school in the off-reservation town of Reardan.One of the principle challenges Junior  faces all through the novel is poverty; him and his family, alongside about each family on the rez fight.Junior is surrendered to his own particular poverty , and clearly concedes his existence of being ruined. He identifies himself as”only a poor-ass reservation kid living with his poor-ass family on the poor-ass Spokane Indian Reservation” (7). He easily recognizes himself as being poor, and seems to believe that there is nothing he can change about this, although he does wish his situation were different. We see how poverty has squashed hope on the reservation in (more or less)everybody  who live there.Arnold realizes that his poverty affects his ability to realize his dreams. He claims, “But we reservation Indians don’t get to realize our dreams. We don’t get those chances. Or choices. We’re just poor. That’s all we are,” However how accepting Junior may seem about his poverty, it is clear that he yearns for his circumstances to be different.Furthermore,the structure of the short sentences in the quote emphasise his certainty to his point,tension is also created because the reader can feel sympathy towards him.Moreover attention is grabbed because the sentences are abrupt and short.The inclusive pronouns  evokes a sense of commonality and rapport between junior and the reader,which successfully builds a deeper connection between the reader and him.Poverty may seem like it lessons you on how to be able to survive with little ,but in reality ,knowing you aren’t able to afford what you need ,eventually breaks your spirit.He wants to be able to achieve and realize his dreams, but he is confined by the poverty he lives in. Junior is entirely bitter and angry about being poor that he does not see the strength he has gained because of his own poverty ,as he says, “Poverty doesn’t give you strength or teach you lessons about perseverance. No, poverty only teaches you how to be poor” (13). The repetition of the word ‘poverty’ shows his stubbornness of his thinking and him only looking at the negatives of being poor,which is understandable since he’s never actually had anything go significantly good in his life that needs to be overly appreciated.He feels the only way out of his misery is having a lot of money so you can ‘buy your happiness’  ,or it’s leaving the rez for good.It’s like he’s wearing a blindfold and all the good things in his life(however little they may be) he doesn’t want to look at them.Arnold glumly and pessimistically connects his poverty with being Native American. When he finds his mother’s maiden name scribbled in his textbook, he realizes that the very same textbook being used in his classroom was used over twenty years ago when his mother was a high school student. He says, “My school and my tribe are so poor and sad that we have to study from the same dang books our parents studied from. That is absolutely the saddest thing in the world.” It’s clear that Junior associates the absence of educational opportunities  in his school and in addition to, the poverty his school exists in to his reservation; he accuses the reservation and being Indian for the poverty of his family and school.Junior connects his financial status with the way that he is Indian.This revelation infuriates him so much that he accidently throws the book on his teacher’s head.This is also a significant moment because it’s this moment that motivates him to leave the reservation and go to Reardan for a better education and open up more opportunities for himself.