Strategies said that the whites had an obligation

Strategies to incorporate when engaged in a strong discussion

A discussion refers to a situation where two parties are involved in a conversation about a particular topic with the intention of getting more insight about the topic. Both parties normally prepare for the event so that once it starts the flow will not be interrupted. All the parties are expected to contribute to the topic and share the ideas they have (Ur 56).

Preparation is, therefore, important as it ensures that any question that may arise will be tackled without any hesitation. A discussion may get intense and deep such that it requires some techniques to be able to get through it successfully. Some of the strategies that one may employ under these circumstances are discussed below.

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The first strategy is to maintain ones composure. It is very important to be composed throughout the discussion. This will ensure that a person is able to respond promptly and accurately to any question that may be subjected to him/her. Composure also increases the confidence of a person.

It ensures that the manner in which the discussion is carried out will be in order. Composure will also aid in ensuring that the discussion will be carried out to completion. If one is not composed, he/she may end up aborting the discussion prematurely (Ur 57).

The second strategy is to ensure that one is prepared enough for the topic to be discussed. Adequate and wide research about the topic to be discussed needs to be conducted before one goes for the discussion. Preparation ensures that one is able to respond to any situation appropriately.

It also ensures that even if the discussion becomes heated, the parties are still able to give sensible responses and they do not overreact. Adequate preparation also ensures that the parties expect all sorts of questions during the discussion thus preventing any feeling of discomfort during the discussion. This situation may arise if questions which the parties participating in the discussion had not prepared for come up.

Shelby Steele’s perspective about affirmative action

Firstly, Shelby believes that there are bargainers and challengers. The challengers are the groups of people who when they consider someone to be a racist will keep this belief until the person proves themselves otherwise. On the other hand, the bargainers are those who decide to cope with the racists so long as they keep their racist behavior to themselves. Shelby felt that the racist behavior of the whites was inherent and could be eliminated completely within a short time.

He considered that not all the whites were racists as perceived by other people. He also said that the whites had an obligation to the blacks and this might be attributed to the struggles that were inflicted on the blacks by the whites. He said that change would not be instantaneous although measures were taken to ensure that happened. He also went on to say that the pretence between both the blacks and the whites would make the quest for affirmative action drag for a long time.

The perspective of Shelby about affirmative action is not correct according to my view. The fact that he believes that affirmative action will not be achieved in the near future has no base and is incorrect. Enormous efforts are being made to ensure that affirmative action is implemented. This together with the cooperation of both the whites and the blacks will ensure that the racist behavior is eliminated within the minimum possible time.

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