Service service. It falls in the top bracket

blueprinting is a customer centric approach towards innovation in service design
and service improvement in which the firms visualize the service as a process
denoting points of customer contact and physical evidence associated with their
services from a customer’s perspective.

is a valuable service design tool because as it helps managers in resolving the
challenges in designing a service as a process and do further analysis. It
helps those using a blueprint identify failure prone areas, provide
opportunities to innovate It can help managers to refine a single step in the
entire process as well as build a comprehensive visual overview of the entire
process. It functions as a common point of reference for all the stakeholders
concerned with launching a new service and also serves as a focal point for
late refinements to the model.

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are five core components of a service blueprint

·       Customer
Actionsà It
comprises of all the steps that customers pursue as a part of the service
delivery process. This is a first critical step in the blue print because all
other activities are seen as supporting the main value proposition created with
all these customer inputs

·       Onstage/Visible
Contact Employee Actionsà
Those actions comprising of face to face interactions by frontline contact
employees fall under this bucket. It serves as a crucial link in the customer
firm interaction as every time a line of interaction is crossed, a moment of
truth is dawned.

·       Backstage/Invisible
contact Employee Actionsà
This acts a bridge of visibility, in other words, anything that appears above
the line of visibility is seen by customer and everything below is not. This is
a critical step in the process as it captures all the activities (non-visible)
that contact employees perform as a part of their duties to serve customers

·       Support
These actions are separated from the contact employees by the line of
interaction as these are carried out by those units/individuals who are not
contact employees and are necessary in order to deliver exceptional service to
the customer. This is a critical step as it indicates the inter-functional
connections and support essential for delivering the service.

·       Physical
This comprises of all the things that customers come in direct contact with and
that can immensely influence their quality perceptions about the service. It
falls in the top bracket of a service blue print and is generally the last
component that is added.