SERP payment has no IRS authorization and has



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During the year 1998 running
through 2002, several US citizens made a class one contributions towards the
National insurance kitty. In such case, this individuals need to make a SERPs claim.

According to, SERP
is defined as a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan where C-suites managers
are given a nonqualified retirement package which ensures that they benefit more
than those under popular retirement plans such as the 401(k), the non-qualified
compensation plans and even the IRA schemes.

Any SERPS Claims

SERPS compensations ensures that
companies are able to optimize the retirement schemes available for their top management
by controlling their retirement plans This SERPs enables firms to book its annual
expenses equivalent to present-day value of the forthcoming benefits. Indeed,
the SERPS payment has no IRS authorization and has limited annual reporting.

In this case, one can get a customized
financial plan to meet their future needs, you can have remunerations accumulate
to you as an executive with no current tax implications. Moreover, in cases
where executive’s contributions made in cash by a life insurance policy, then
the next of kin may seek SERP claims.

Any SERP Compensation calculator?

The process of computing the
value of SERP compensation is usually complex and may require the services of
an expert. You may visit  and call us now and we shall help you in
claiming your compensation with little or no stress at all. The key steps for
knowing how much your compensation includes:

Computing your extra income:  This
is the 1st step, you get this value by getting the difference
between ones higher and lesser incomes limit for every tax year you paid your
SERPS. This remaining figure surges until the individual hits the required
retirement phase.

Getting the aggregate paychecks: Add together total incomes for
each tax year and divide by 4 and 5 for years shown by 1978 upto 1988, and 1988
until 2002 respectively.

Final SERP compensation value:  It
is value you get by dividing the number of tax years that passed between
1978/79 and the year in which you will reach the retirement age by the total

What if I did “contracting out”?

When it comes to Contracting out,
this is where citizens of various states did contribute to some other private
pension scheme companies other than the National Insurance scheme. By doing
this, most of the workers lowered their annual yields for SERPS apart from others
who completely terminated it. This was a popular challenge from workers.

Hence, if you a person contracted
out on or before the early dates of April in nineteen nine seven, then there
are high chances they have no SERP claims. Indeed, if you contracted out before
April 1997, your SERP compensation is low.


Apart from national pension
scheme, the purpose of the SERPS was to boost the total amount payable to
retirees. Initially, the total pension compensation was 25% but this was
reduced to 20%.

Currently, the SERPS have been replaced
by the State Second Pension, and this suggests that your swift move to initiate
a SERP claim process would benefit you and also help you to make informed future
rewarding investments at Missoldpension.