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Scope of CMA in PakistanCMA is the abbreviation of the Cost and Management Accounting. This course degree is all about the management and accounting. As you would start studying it, you would be finding yourself driving back into the study of the business and administration of BBA and MBA but in CMA the concepts and foundations of the management and accounting are little different from the BBA and MBA. By the way of this post, we would be giving the readers with the complete detailed review about the CMA in Pakistan and what sort of career options it do provide to students. Structure of Degree of CMA in Pakistan:               In the course study of the CMA the students would be able to study the 18 subjects in the duration of the 6 semesters. Each single semester has the time span of 6 months. Each single semester will have the different programs and subjects for you. Main List of Subjects In CMA in Pakistan:Fundamentals of Financial AccountingBusiness StudiesBusiness EconomicsBusiness Communication and Report WritingCost AccountingBusiness MathematicsFinancial AccoutingEnterprise ManagementInformation Systems and IT AuditManagement AccountingBusiness TaxationRisk Management and AuditCorporate LawsInvestment AnalysisPortfolio ManagementStrategic ManagementWhat Are The Career Options For CMA Degree In Pakistan?                              The degree of the CMA would be making you offer you so many employment options in which you can choose the one that matches best with your competence level. Some of the main career options in CMA are:Management AccountantCorporate AdvisorSpecial AuditorCost AuditorBusiness ManagersManagement ConsultantInternal AuditorDirector FinanceTax AuditorFinance ManagerFinance AnalystCost AccountantChief Financial officerFinancial ControllerCompany SecretaryLiquidatorEligibility Criteria To Apply For CMA in Pakistan:                  If you want to take admission in CMA then it is important that you should be having the 45% of passing score in the FA/FSC/ICOM or A level studies. There is no specific time duration when you have to apply for the CMA program study. You can apply it as at any month of the year at any time you want to. Pakistan arranges the examinations for the CMA as two times in a year.What Is The Scope of CMA in Abroad Countries?                 Whenever you hold any degree in your hand then the very first question that do hit the minds is that whether the degree has any scope in the international countries or not. CMA is one of the best known degrees of the Pakistan that is left with the high scope in the international countries as well. You can manage to become the banker or get associated with some financial sectors and business areas as well. We hope that by this post you must have got enough information about the scope of the CMA and what sort of career options it do provide you for the future. If you are planning to study accounting and finance in future then holding the study course of CMA is the best alternative. Go for it now!