Traditionally, seems to regard them different from those

Traditionally, any school is encouraged to implement school uniforms and dress codes. However, debates are rising regarding the issue of having school uniforms in public schools. A lot of academic institutes have school uniforms and dress codes for their students, but questions have been rising if having them in public schools are also justifiable. One would be able to understand if private schools have uniforms because it seems to regard them different from those students who study in public school. But in the community today, barriers between the elite and those who can get by are being discouraged.

The generation today is trying to build one culture and one globe. People should not be categorized based on economic statuses, or any label for that matter. However, as far as public schools are concerned, is it really appropriate to have school uniforms and dress codes implemented in their academic systems? Does it raise the level of these schools to a degree that no longer distinguishes them from the elite? Or does it only serve as a mask to veil the truth about public school students? Is there really a difference in a person depending on what kind of school they are attending?

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Does the educational upbringing of the student change his entire personality? Does the amount of money put into the education define how smart a student could get? The questions can be countless even though the issue involved is only concerned about dress codes. However, one should think that even dress codes also play a role on how students perceive education. It also greatly influences how students receive education. Public schools are trying to match the more elite category based on the quality of education their students are receiving.

Many of them also implemented dress codes and school uniforms. However, did it serve their purpose well? Were they able to achieve a high level of education by having school uniforms? There are also those who are vehemently against using school uniforms, especially on the part of the students. They have argued and refused to use school uniforms, saying that it does not help them in completing their education. They have been labeled as juvenile delinquents and deviants, but one should ask if they were really evading from the norms, or were they battling for what they believe should be right.