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Sam Spiel490 York Mills RdNorth York, ON M3B 1W6September 20, 2017Stephen King1380 Hammond StreetBangor, ME 04401USADear Mr. King, My name is Sam Spiel, I am a grade 11 student at Thorn Collegiate Institute. I am writing to you regarding your essay, “Why We Crave Horror Movies.” Though I think your composition is a good read I disagree with your thesis that people enjoy watching horror movies because they help to keep our inherently insane human nature from getting out of control by satisfying our need for the scary, sick, and gruesome. In your essay you imply that everybody watches horror movies to keep our insane side at bay, and allows our normal side to continue to remain on the surface. I disagree with that because there’s quite a number people who do not watch scary movies and are quite normal or at least present themselves as normal. The essay says watching horror movies keeps the “hungry alligators” under control but in my opinion watching horror movies with violence doesn’t prevent violence it makes people reenact it sometimes even subconsciously. For example, the increase in violent horror movies and video games that are easy for children to view whether it be online or on TV make children less sensitive towards atrocities such as physical abuse. According to Harvard Medical School’s website some children may become more aggressive as a result of watching and playing violent video games. Lastly, your article lacks actual proof that “everyone is insane”, if you had statistics or drawn up studies from a honourable source it would’ve strengthened your essay. It seemed as though you were making assumptions from observation and personal experience which cannot speak for humankind. For the above reasons I disagree with your thesis that the horror movies that people like watching scary movies because they help us cope to keep our insane human tendency from getting out of control by satisfying our need for the sickening. We as humans are not insane but are all human. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.Sincerely,Sam