Safeguarding first aid to the child like if

the welfare of the children and Young people

Children get ill more than the young people because their
immune systems are not fully developed.

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There is only a natural way for the children to strengthen
their immunity being exposed to illnesses and viruses.

There are some actions which have to be taken if we find a
child and young people are ill or injured.

the problem.

As an assistant teacher in the class he
/she should know about the signs and symptoms of the common illnesses in the
children because if the child facing any illness they react differently. The
common signs and symptoms among the children are tiredness, feeling lazy, no
more talking, less appetite, dark circles around the eyes, unusual crying.



It is important that the children with
illness are identified. It is your responsibility to provide first aid to the
child like if child get dehydrated provide water or if a child is facing asthma
provide inhaler or if there is a bleeding, first press firmly over the site
with a clean cloth until is stops.


school clinic.

Any kind of illnesses or injuries in the
child should be informed the school clinic. Because sometimes in case of
injures medical assistance is required. The most frequent injuries in school
are from children falling over. These minor injuries can be addressed in schools.


the parents.

If the child get sick or injured, should be
informed the parents. Information of any incident is recorded in the report
book, and can be mentioned any details and the actions you took following the
incident. It is up to the school to make a decision either send a child to home
or not.


medical attention.

Illnesses and injuries are very common
within the schools. Most of them are treated in the school but sometimes some
serious incidents can be happened in the school that would require urgent
medical attention. There are some examples in which situation urgent medical
help required like head injuries, unconsciousness, fractures, severe bleeding
and breathing difficulties etc. U can call 999 if the child’s life is in danger.


We can play an important role in creating a safe and healthy environment
for children and make sure they are at minimized risk. Injuries are inevitable
within schools and staff must knows that how and when to response.