Rorschach by older teenager who are stronger than

is a real hero in Watchmen


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22, 2018



        The theme in “Watchmen”?Moor
and Gibbons?is
“Black, grey and white”. Which means some of them are heroes while some of them
have controversy and some of them are not heroes at all. Rorschach is a real
hero in this story. Comparing to others, Rorschach is more of a traditional
super hero likewise to batman. Additionally, he firmly believes in justice, he
only kills people who deserve it. He
always pursuits his duty of eliminating any crimes, he would rather abandon
everything including his own life, which suggests Walt Kovacs aka Rorschach is
a true hero in the comic.


        Just like Batman in the
movie, “Batman” (Tim, Burton 1989) .
Rorschach had a hard childhood, he was born Walter Kovacs, the son of a sex
worker.  He was bullied by older teenager
who are stronger than him in strength and he grow up with little of his
mother’s love.  The hardship he went
through  made him decide to become a mask
hero and fight against crime and injustice by punishing them while the police
could not. Like many superheroes, Rorschach has two egos, “Rorschach” and “Kovacs”. When he was arrested,
the police tried to remove his mask, he screams “No! My face! Give it
back!”(Moore and Gibbons Ch5 Pg28). The mask is very important for Rorschach.
Behind the mask it’s not Rorschach,
it’s Kovacs, he is a man we have seen walking around New York
carrying a sign that reads “The End Is Nigh.”, he just a common person.
With the mask, he is Rorschach, the superhero, not the Kovacs who is weak and
being bullied by, but a mask hero who makes criminals fear for their actions.
Like most of superheroes who decided to become a hero because of one certain
event, for Rorschach it was the Kitty Genovese event that let Rorschach decided
to be a superhero. He got his costume the dress that Kitty Genovese abandoned.
Kitty was murdered, not a single bystander helped her, but spectated in silence
“I knew what people were, then, behind all the evasions, all the
self-deception. Ashamed for humanity, I went home. I took the remains of her
unwanted dress and made a face that I could bear to look at in the mirror.”
(Moore and Gibbons Ch6 Pg10). Because of the Kitty Genovese event, Walter
looked through the dark side of humanity and decided to use her dress to make a
costume for himself and became Rorschach.To sum up, the weak Walter did not
sink down because of his poor loveless childhood but becomes Rorschach who sees
fighting crime is his ultimate duty.


        Rorschach believes
firmly in justice, and he will not to harm any innocent people. After Rorschach
jailbreak, he went back to his residence to get his spare costume and journal,
he met his landlady. Rorschach knew that she is reporting him to the police,
but he did not harm her (Gibbons Ch10 Pg6). She was not harmed because
Rorschach know she did not do anything bad. Rorschach caught two criminals and
let them live with hands tied together before the police officers. (Gibbons Ch6
Pg14) For the real villain, he must punish them strictly. “While
Rorschach was investigating a case where a little girl was killed with
extremely cruel method, Rorschach locked the murder with chain and burned it
down to ashes “(Moore and Gibbons Ch6 Pg25). Also, according to this event he
is more determined to use superhero identity. Therefore, Rorschach believes
firmly in justice by punishing the evil and protect the peace.


        Rorschach pursuits
fighting crime as his first priority all the time. With the mask he is a hero
that can fight with evil forces, without the mask he just a common person. When
Rorschach jailbreak, the first thing he did is to go back to his resident to
get his costume, with the mask he is Rorschach and have power to do what he
think. Rorschach did not agree with Veidt’s
approach. He doesn’t want to use many people’s life to get the world peace.
“Evil must be punished. people must be told” (Moore and Gibbons Ch12 Pg23). Rorschach don’t
want to face the truth. He still insisted on his faith, he want to save people,
but not use many people’s life to get it. “Before he dead, he removed his mask.
He didn’t want to use Rorschach’s identity to die.” Must protect veldt’s
new utopia. One more body amongst foundations makes little difference. Well?
What are you waiting for? Do it!” (Moore and Gibbons Ch12 Pg24). When Rorschach
know Dr Manhattan don’t allow him to go back to America, he still need to face
of the truth. He rather to dead, than watching Veidt’s evil action under no
punishment. As the result, Rorschach has always insisted on his faith, even use
his life.


        Rorschach has no super
power, nor huge wealth, yet he has unbeatable mental strength and he uses it to
achieve what he wants to which is punishing the criminals for their deeds. He
dedicated himself fighting evil even though his experience of painful
childhood, he only punishes the evil for what they have done and he always
insisted on what he believes in- fighting crime under all circumstances. In
conclusion, after putting on his mask, Walter becomes Rorschach who is justice,
rational and most importantly dedicates himself at fighting crime making him a
true superhero.


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