Rohingya’s .They speak their own language which

Rohingya’s are a
Muslim ethnic minority group that has lived as an inhabitance in Mayanmar for
centuries, Today more than a million of them lives in the country, most in the
western coastal state of Rakhine . Where they make up around a third of the
population .They speak their own language which is not recognized by the state.
It is one of the poorest states in the country with ghetto- like camps and a
lack of basic service and opportunities due to ongoing violence persecution,
hundreds and thousands of Rohingya have fled to neighbouring Countries either
land or boat over the course of many decades. Muslim have lived in the area now
known as Myanmar
since as early as the 12th century,

according to
many historians and Rohingya groups.The Arakan Rohingya national organization
has said Rohingya have been living in Arakan from time immemorial referring to
the area known as Rakhine. After independence the government viewed the migration
that look place during British rule as illegal , and it is on this basis that
they refuse citizenship to the majority of Rohingya. This has led many
Buddhists to consider the Rohingya to be Bengali, rejecting the term Rohingya
as a recent invention, created for

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reasons. In 2010, when the military leaders released pro – democracy leader  of Mayanmar Ayng San Suu Kyi from house
arrest,  Most of the political leaders
thought Burma
was beginning to change for the better. When they demanded citizenship they
also asked for the state that had been promised to them. Ultimately the army
crushed the resistance movement. Hundreds and  thousands of desperate Rohingya people are
fleeing a vicious  military purage in Myanmar. Troops
have burned scores of villages, beheading men raping women, and even killing
children. In some place, Buddhist militias and people have joined in the
attacks against the Muslim majority Rohingya. The Myanmar army and government call
their assault a counterterrorist operation, but the U,N, has labeled  it a text book example of ethnic cleansing.
The government of Myanmar
officially recognizes 135 ethnic group. This sounds like, to use a technical
term a lot. It would thus seem that they tried to be pretty inclusive, at least
when making these official designations. Yet the Rohingya are not one of these
135 groups.   



Since the late 1970s, nearly one
million Rohingya have fled Myanmar
due to widespread  Persecution. According
to the most recently available data from the United Nations in May more than
168,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar
since 2012. Bangladesh one
of the world’s poorest nations, has seen a large inflow of Rohingya people
fleeing brutal violence in Myanmar
in the last two weeks, some 370,000 people, according to U N

estimates. I
would definitely say that this time the number is really big, bigger then any
other time. Many Rohingya also risked live trying to get to Malaysia by
boat across the bay of Bengal and Andaman sea. State Chancellor Aung San Suu
Kyi has refused to really discuss the plight of the Rohingya. The Mayanmar
government does not recognize the Rohingya as an ethnic group and have blamed
violence in Rakhine, and subsequent military crackdowns. On those they call
terrorist. The latest government statement said Ms Suu Kyi told of Turkey
president to Mr Erdogan that her government had already arted defending all the
people in Rakhine in the best way possible, but her speech was

criticized by
Rohingya refugees, as well as activists who accused her government of burying
their heads in the sand. Bangladesh’s
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that her government would continue to support
nearly one million Rohingya Muslims who have fled neighbouring Maynmar to
escape violence. She said we would continue to support them with food and
shelters. It needed we will eat a full meal once a day and share the rest with
them. She said we have told Maynmar , they are your citizens, you must take
them back, keep them safe, give them shelters, there should not be any
oppression and torture. The United Nations refugee agency is concerned about
the humanitarian condition of up 15,000 Rohingya refugees who are stranded in
paddy fields near the Bangladesh
– Myanmar Border. Tensions have escalated into violence in Myanmar’s nor there Rakhine state .Since 25
August , an estimated 582,000 Rohingya Muslims have arrived in Bangladesh.
UNICEF told all of them need the life saving basic- shelter,  food, water, vaccinations, and protection.
The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army also known by it’s former name Harakah al-
Yaqin, is a Rohingya insurgent group active in northern Rakhine state of
Mayanmar. The leader of ARSA is Ata Ullah. The group said it would do so with our
best capacities as we have the legitimate right under international law to
defend our selves in line with the principle of self defence. The group is
considered a “terrorist” organization by the Myanmar government. On 25 August it
attacked police posts in Rakhine state, killing 12 people in it’s biggest
attack so far. In turn, prompted a counter- insurgency clampdown from the
security forces. In conclusion I want to say why? Muslims are refugees today.
Whatever we will pray that Allah will help them, and protect their