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Rohan Arni #2 1/11/18Ms. MacDonald ELAChores Writing Chores are a very important part of childhood. Chores are very helpful because they teach you responsibility. Not only can chores help you, but they can help other people too. My mom doesn’t have to make my breakfast anymore nor does she have to match the socks. If you get an allowance, that’s even better. An allowance teaches you how to manage money. Some of the chores I’m responsible for are making my bed, matching the socks, and putting my clothes away. So maybe you could wash the dishes again today! One chore I’m responsible for is making my breakfast. It is not a hard task to make breakfast using the microwave. I usually pop in a bowl of milk inside and warm it up for 50 seconds. By the time the microwave stops, the milk is as warm as a toasty fireplace, so I have to wait a 30 seconds. After that, I pour in my cereal. Sometimes I have Fruit & Yogurt Cereal, and sometimes I have Cocoa Puffs. According to the text, “Should Kids Help With Chores,” I read, “Doing family tasks helps children learn how to thrive with the independence they’ll need in college and adult life, with less of a learning curve when they need to prepare food, do laundry, and eventually take care of their home.” This helps me because I become more independent. This helps my mom because she doesn’t have to make my breakfast, so she can focus on other things like making my lunch and making tea. As you can see, this is a very important chore. Another chore I’m responsible for is matching my socks. It may seem unimportant, but in reality it is a critical chore. When the laundry is done, I look through the basket to find my socks. I have so many of the same patterns on my socks, so I have to be really careful. Otherwize I might end up wearing two completely different size socks! I do this with my mom, who folds the clothes. We usually watch our favorite show, The Cosby Show. According to, “How to Make Chores Fun”, I read, “Turn certain tasks into family time so your kids feel like they have a buddy who is helping them out.” This helps me because I still have fun, but I’m not wasting my time. This helps my parents because they don’t have to do everything alone again.